Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Beginning

 So I’ve had cousins tell me that I should write a blog to stay in touch.  Now that I’m at college, apparently life will now be super excited and different and I need to record it for all to see.  Well so far, it has been.  For the almost month I’ve been here, life has been the best.  Sure I’m often hungry, but honestly that’s my own fault… I have a ton of food.  And I do miss my family… but I have the feeling they might miss me more (sorry guys).  It was great to see them this weekend.  And the wedding was fabulous!  Congratulations to Drew and Jenn!
Mothers of the couple
The fabulous couple
        So I've come to the conclusion that I love flying, but hate airports.  Actually when you get to an airport at the right time they’re not too bad, you just sit and chill for a couple hours… The flight though, amazing.  It’s not every day you get to see the world the way God sees it.  I've decided that window seats are dangerous because they mean I don’t get anything done on the flight, except stare out the window.  Oh well, the hazards of flying :)

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  1. im supposed to remind you to send him those pictures:)