Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend Overload

So what is worse than sitting in metal chairs for conference?

Sitting in the nose-bleed sections!  Yep, today I had Regional Stake Conference in the Marriott Center.  They were broadcasting to 146 stakes.  Yes, you got that right. 146. And 15 (fifteen!) were in the Marriott.  Crazy... Conference though was amazing.  It was really cool being able to see the teleprompter from where I was sitting.  If you look super closely, it's the little black think in a wash on white (sorry, it's a phone picture).  We were privileged to listen to a myriad of speakers and topics, though my favorite has to be Sister Kristen Oaks.  Elder Oaks got up to talk and about five minutes in he turned the time over to his wife, which was amazing.  I think the wives of the general authorities should speak more often.

This week was also rivalry week.... 
All the campus statues were saran wrapped...
Yes, the big Utes vs. BYU game.  And unfortunately we lost....  If the last field goal had been made though, the game would have gone into Sunday.... so the Lord works in mysterious ways right? (Reasoning done by a friend of mine).  But my favorite part of the weekend was by far, Evidance.  The dance performances were put on by the BYU Department of Dance and they were incredible! They showcased dances from different cultures along with different styles of dances.  And the best part happened because of this little card.
I LOVE $2 tickets.  I have a feeling, I'm going to be appreciating the arts a lot this year.  Who wouldn't?
And on a political side of things, I really enjoy this picture.  Diversity is good :)

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