Monday, October 22, 2012

General Conference

 So while this is late in the month, it's been a crazy past couple of weeks.  General Conference this past October was amazing and I'm so glad that I had to opportunity to experience it in Utah.  A group of friends and I decided to drive down to Salt Lake to try and get into a session of conference.  Our day started out early and with a surprise.

The drive to Salt Lake City was uneventful and we found parking pretty easily (a little ways off but not too bad :)).  We got there just as conference was starting so we grabbed some seats in the Joseph Smith Memorial building.  I feel so blessed to have been able to watch President Thomas S. Monson's missionary announcement on temple square.  It was amazing.  My friends and I had been talking about missionary ages before the conference session started which made the announcement even more meaningful.  (Want to watch it again?  I don't think you can watch it too many times.... link)  After the first session of conference we hurried to stand in the stand-by line to see if we could get into conference center for the afternoon session.  

Temple square was so pretty and I can't wait to see it in December with all the Christmas lights.  During the wait between sessions, a couple of us ran over to the City Creek Mall to grab food, and as it turned out lost our place in line.  So we again settle for the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to watch the afternoon session. The session was just as good as the first, but I know I was still trying to wrap by mind around the idea that I can now go on a mission.  After conference we had dinner at the aunt of one of the girls and we watched a movie.  It was a perfect girls day out! I had a great time with these lovely ladies :)

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