Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dear Sister Hendricks

To clarify.... before anyone gets super excited, I have not turned in my mission papers yet.  But this week is MISSIONARY WEEK! And I have been called to the Ireland Dublin mission.  I'm excited.
While not required to participated, it is strongly recommended for those wanting to go on missions. Throughout the week we will have different activities that help prepare us for our missions.  
It has also been suggested that we try and live like missionaries do.  This means
-dressing like missionaries
-having personal and/or companion study and prayer
-getting up and going to bed like missionaries (6:30, and 10)
-listening to mission approved music (for our sake, not just MoTab)
-not using facebook (or other social media), playing computer games, or watching movies/TV shows that are not mission approved (for school sake, we can still use the internet to study)
-following the missionary conduct with the opposite gender (ie only handshakes and high-fives)

I will keep you updated on how the week goes. My sunday school class also received a challenge from our  teachers to write in our journals this week, which also works with the missionary week.  I'm excited, but I think this week will be a challenge.  Challenges are good right?

On a different note, it snowed again! And apparently this was real snow.  Utah (and mostly the mountains) is so pretty with the snow.  I love it!  And surprisingly enough, it's fun to play in!

Hoped you had a wonderful Veteran's Day!

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