Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Beautiful Day

I woke up to snow today.  And not just any snow, but more snow than the day before and it was still snowing! And as a little background, snow is nice.... occasionally, but after three days of seeing it fall I was tired of watching white stuff fall from the sky.  In fact, I think the first word out of my mouth was "ugh." But I pulled on my clothes, tugged on my boots and quickly trudged to class (I was running a little late- don't worry I made it on time).  Wednesdays are already not my favorite day, and today was no exception.  
By the time I made it to Book of Mormon (about two hours later) my day hadn't really brightened up.  I was slightly behind on reading and so my mind was wrapped up in finishing that.  Per tradition, class started with a prayer.  And it was a typical prayer to start class; praying that we'd have the Spirit, that we'd understand what was being taught and that we'd enjoy class.  And then she said seven words that caught my attention:
"We thank you for this beautiful day."
I sat there slightly stunned as I pondered what she said.  It was not a beautiful day... it was snowing.
After class as I walked to get something to eat I continued pondering what had been said.  And as I pondered I realized I needed to write down my thoughts (ergo this).  
Slowly it dawned on me that the day really was beautiful.  Just by the fact it was another new and glorious day.
It was beautiful because of where I was.  How lucky am I to be able to go to college? And not just any college, but I have the incredible privilege of going to BYU.
It was beautiful because of how I got there, through all my hard work and my parents' sacrifices to put me through school.
It was beautiful because of why I'm here in the snow.  I am so blessed to be able to get an education.  What right do I have to waste time feeling bad about myself because it snowed?
And yes, if I try hard enough, I can see the snow as beautiful.  Even when I slip and fall because of loss of traction.  
I'm hoping that eventually I can get to the point where everyday truly is beautiful.  Where even days with icky, repetitive weather can be considered as beautiful as the sunny, warm days everyone dreams for.  And someday, hopefully even my days with five classes in six hours (aka Mondays and Wednesdays) will always be beautiful.
Take time to look back over your day, and I hope it's been beautiful :)

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