Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quote of the Week

"So tell me life's hard. Tell me it will get harder. But remind me I'm strong enough, and will get stronger.
And if you choose to just say, "Life's going to get harder," you'd better believe I'll complete the thought for you.
Because I know you love me, and don't mean to say just say,
"Life gets harder."
Life gets harder, but I get stronger. 
More compassionate.
More able to understand others.
More able to help a wider variety of people.
More grateful.
More loving.
More faith filled.
Because I'm also going to keep getting more determined to let anything but the above happen.
Tell me that."

Courtesy of BYU Women's Services
For the rest of their post/quote go here.  It's amazing.  I'd read it.

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