Sunday, April 7, 2013

General Conference

Conference this year was amazing.  Everyone should go rewatch parts of it.  
Like this song from the Young Women's Broadcast last Saturday.

(sorry I couldn't get the video to work... so you'll have to go to the link)

I think that it is amazing how lucky we are to have God's servants on earth and to have the opportunity to hear them twice a year. Crazy to think that next conference, I will be somewhere else watching it (or listening to it), possibly even in a different language.  

If you slept though any talk or you just want to rewatch your favorite go here:
(I won't tell you which ones I fell asleep in.... Don't worry though.  I'll read them soon)
To watch President Monson's facial expressions go here:
(It's a really really good talk too.  So watch it anyways)

So grateful that I also was able to go to Temple Square and spend at least one session there, even if I didn't get tickets into the Conference Center.  Starting conference off with the Joseph Smith movie was amazing too :)

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