Saturday, July 27, 2013

80 Days

Have you ever heard of Nellie Bly? Well, Nellie was a journalist who in 1889 set off from New York to travel the world in 80 days.  

In a little over 80 days I too will set off.  Not on a steamer to England, but in an airplane to Mexico.  And while I'll be spending 18 months on my mission (instead of traveling the world) it will still be a great experience.  Nellie had a challenge, traveling the world in 80 days had never been done before.  And in lieu of this 80 day mark, I'm giving myself my own challenge:

To study (and finish) the Book of Mormon in 80 days.

Reading the Book of Mormon again is part of my mission prep and I'll honestly admit that while I've been reading, it hasn't been with my whole effort.  I love studying the scriptures and I know they're true.  I know they've blessed my life in so many ways imaginable, yet often I get distracted when it comes time to study.

But I've decided I'm going to do this.  I'm going to read and study and learn these next 80 days so that I will be slightly more prepared than before.  And thanks to this handy website LDS Scripture Tools.  I can calculate what exactly I need to read, and when I need to read it by.

My 80 days starts today and ends the day before I leave.  Nellie Bly finished her trip in 72 days, we'll see how long it takes me.  80 days is going to go by fast, so who's with me? (And I promise to keep you updated).

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