Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Parable of the Tire

Story time! Once upon a time, I emily, the soon to be sister missionary, decided to spend time with the sister missionaries in my ward.  While we were driving around to our (cough their) appointments, they told me how they had the unfortunate experience of popping a tire, and had to call the Elders (yeah, my ward is blessed to have both) to come change the tire.  Well, anybody who knows me, knows that I'm stubborn, strong-willed and had absolutely no desire to have to depend on the elders if while driving we happen to pop a tire.  Plus, from what I've seen/heard, sister missionaries sometimes get a bad rap when it comes to cars, and why enforce that idea?
So I came home that night, determined to learn how to change a tire.  Monday night comes and due to various activities, we ended up having no formal FHE.  I came home from work and asked my dad to teach me how to change a tire.  The conversation went like this:

"Hey Dad, can you teach me how to change a tire?"
"Do one of our tires need to be changed?"
"Uh, no I just want to know, in case I need to on my mission..."
"I'll teach you when a tire needs to be changed."  End of conversation.

My mom was listening in on the conversation wanted me to call a sister who works at the Seattle mission home and ask her if sisters actually needed to know car maintenance.  Me (remember strong-willed and stubborn) replied that I didn't care if I needed to know I wanted to know.  And this resulted in the actual end of the conversation.

Fast forward a couple days.  Friday night a bunch of friends and I went to see a movie and we came out to this lovely sight...

Guess who had a flat!  Me!  Guess who had an unhappy daughter on the phone! My parents!

Luckily though, one of my friends knew how to change a tire.  And I had seen it happen, but never had actually done it, so between the two of us we were able to start replacing the tire.  Let it be known though, that both of us were wearing skirts.  And let it also be know that my little brother was with us, but decided that the curb was really comfortable.  As can be seen in the picture.  Yeah people were really nice and offered to help, but we didn't need any help, we had it under control.  Until we tried to get the lug nuts off... they ended up being screwed on wayyyyy too tight.  So by this point in time, Superman was coming to the rescue (aka DAD!) and so we just tried working on the lug nuts, to no avail.  Eventually though, my dad showed up, we got the tire off, the spare tire on and all of us could go on our merry way (especially the boys... they ended up driving home with dad, must have known a car ride with me would have been miserable after not helping...).

So why did I name this the parable of the tire?  In basic terms, parables are stories that have a deeper meaning.  So my story: changing a tire.  My point: the Lord prepares his people.  My take away one night after spending time with the Sisters was not about any of the lessons, but was the fact I needed to learn to change a tire.  And while some may think that it was merely a coincidence I had a flat tire less than a week after asking for a tire changing lesson, I disagree.  I believe that everything happens for a reason.  Everything... that included flat tires.  So why do I need to know how to change a tire?  Besides it being a handy skill to learn, I have absolutely no idea.  Maybe I'll use it on my mission (trust me, if I do, you'll know), maybe it will come in handy after my mission (I definitely think this is true), but right now it doesn't really matter.  What matters is that the Lord prepares people and things always happen for a reason.  So remember that as you go throughout your day.  Who knows what you have in store?

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  1. I love this post Emily! Every woman should know how to change a tire. You are going to be an awesome sister missionary!