Saturday, September 21, 2013

Missionary Training Centers

So I'm official have less than 1 month until I report to the MEXICO MTC!
In lieu of that I am sharing exciting information about missionary training centers in general.
Missionary Training Centers are the first stop for new missionaries.  The location and language of a mission call determines the amount of stay at the MTC but it ranges from 2-9 weeks (I will be in the Mexico MTC for about 6 weeks).

For more information on MTCs and what missionaries do in the MTC, check out Preparation with Purpose, an article produced by the church to share what missionaries do each day to prepare.
A couple years ago, KSL (Utah news station) did a special on the MTC and missionaries in general.  Though things have changed in the last year, it's still pretty interesting to watch (An Army of Faith).

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