Thursday, November 7, 2013


hello friends and family!

i am so very sorry for not updating this! Emily has been out three weeks and there is nothing on the blog! it is due to lack of time/family discussions/forgetfulness. however, i will have an update up by Sunday night i promise!! for now, ill just give you a few details.

She made it safe and sound to the Mexico City MTC, missionary training center, (or CCM in Spanish) that night, and we got a quick email just letting us know that.

Since then we have heard lots about her companions, her meals (Mexican Food Heaven as she calls it :)) and what she has been learning. We've also gotten lots of pictures. Her email day is Thursday, so email her by Wednesday night if you want to get anything to her, and often times she will respond by snail mail to emails as she does not have a long time to be on the computer.

More details soon!!

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