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Week Five (Nov 15th-21st)

I promise I'll stop titling the posts that when she gets out into the field.
Emily is doing great. This was her last full week in the MTC, as she flew to Albuquerque the following Monday. More details about that to come :) Now for her letter :)

Wow... okay, what a fast week.  Hmm where do I begin.  

After emailing you, my district went and played fútbol and volleyball.  It was great and lasted about 2 1/2 hours.  And at one point in time, a 6 year old kid joined us in our soccer game (son of one of the workers here on campus).  His name was Antonio and he was really really good at soccer.  But he was also 6.  At one point when I stole the ball from him, i got a ´es mííííííííííííííííaaaaaaaa¨ (it´s mine).  I feel like he got me back later through when he kicked a ball right into my face.  Don´t worry though, I guess I´m so think-headed it did´t really affect anything.

We walked into class to the news that we were getting 2 new investigadores and that we should be happy because we´ll want surprises like that in the field.  So that morning we taught Lugo (new), that afternoon we taught Daniel and Tyler (élderes in my district) and then we taught Raúl (Hno. V).  Ever lesson went pretty well.  When we asked Raúl if he had read, he responded by saying he thought it was optional.  Eh, not exactly....
After lessons, we gathered as a district again and had a demo teaching. Hno. V chose me as the investigador and started the lesson.  At one point during the lesson he asked me if I had done the reading.  Want to guess how I responded?  ¨No hice.  Pensé fue opcional¨ (I didn´t do it.  I thought it was optional) My companions and I about lost it, the elders who understood what had happened during the lesson lost it, and everyone one else was confused.  And Hno. Villanueva´s face was priceless.  First he was kinda shocked, and then he laughed.  And then he taught us how to respond to investigadores when they do read ahead of the lecciones (basically you just read with them, and talk about it with them).  

1 MONTH!!!!  How crazy is that?  

So typical Sunday.  No speaking in church, great devotional and awesome movie.  Devo was one from Oct 2012 right after general conference and it was Elder Bednar about study and get the most out of conference talks.  He used the scripture DyC 68:4 (recognize this one?) and then taught a pattern that can be found.  He taught the pattern of doctrine, invitation and then promised blessings.  If you go through and look at talks, you´ll be able to find this pattern.  What´s also awesome about this, is this is how missionaries are supposed to teach.  So the general authorities don´t teach any different way than the missionaries do.  The movie was the Testament one so it was cool to watch it, thinking about how Christ probably appeared to the Nephites 600-800 miles from here (or closer... who knows?).

Right after the movie and right before dinner, Hno May ran into our classroom and told us that he had a really big surprise for us.  We joined him after dinner (before devo) and he had skype called Victor.  Now Victor is the person we have taught for the last week or so (really it was Hno May but he was borrowing his personality from an old investigador of his).  Well we actually got to talk to the really Victor and it was SO COOL!  We were able to ask him about his process in joining the church and how he felt and everything surrounding that.  The spirit was so strong and it was a really neat experience to get to talk to Victor.  

Funny thing about this day.  We were teaching a lección and I told Raúl to read 1 Corinthians 6:15-16.  I meant to say 1 Corinthians6:19-20, but I was using my Spanish scriptures and when I saw the word cuerpo (body) I assumed I had the right scripture... oops.  Nevertheless, the lección went off as planned and it actually turned out to be a very good lección.

Devo again! And this time we sang.  We sang I know that my Redeemer Lives (Yo sé que vive mi Señor).  And then we listened to Elder Valenzuela and his wife talk about hastening the work.  It was a pretty good devotional.
Oh and today, instead of teaching, we were the investigadores.  It was a great change for once, and it was nice to practice what others might think.

We said goodbye to our maestros. Hno May was leaving to head back to Provo and Hno Villanueva is going to be gone Saturday for a stake conference, so wednesday was my last day with him.  We also got new investigadores, Octavio and Santiago (two other élderes in our district)

Temple again.  Laundry and then packing.  

Tomorrow we have infield orientation, saturday is back to normal classes.  Sunday is sunday and then monday I leave.  

And finally, some pictures!

Emily and her Companas and Hermanas Porter and Baker
 Em with all the hermanas in her branch
 Em with one of her classes. Hermano Villanueva, their teacher, is in the center with the serious expression.
 Emily in front of the sign at the Temple. The sign says The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Mexico City Temple
Even though its not of Em, I had to add this one. She says these blues circles are all over campus, marking the safe spots where people should go in case of an earthquake.

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