Friday, November 29, 2013

Week Four (Nov 8th-14th)

Sorry this is so delayed! due to that I don't have a whole lot of commentary....

How ya all doing?  This week has been super crazy, I don´t really even know where to start...

First some crazy points
1. Guess who came to the CCM this week.  No one.  We had no new missionaries coming in from the states.  Apparently we´re in a missionary lull right now.
2. Any English speaking  missionary who enters the ALBQ mission the same time I do, entered the provo mtc wednesday.  HOW CRAZY is that?  I have less than 2 weeks left and they´re just starting.
3. Yesterday it was colder here in Mexico than Salt Lake.  Yeah we all froze and broke out the tights, long sleeves, heavy jackets and such.

Thank you so much for Come thou Fount last week! (we sent her sheet music for a hymn, Come Thou Font of Every Blessing)  So I don´t quite remember why I wanted it, but thank you for sending it.  I remember telling some of the Hermanas in my zone that you were possibly sending it and they were so excited.  Because we had the music, the other district was able to preform a musical number in church last sunday.  And I also found out that it is one of the favorite hymns of my branch presidente and so when I came him an extra copy I had printed, he got really really excited because he hadn´t seen it in Spanish.  And then he gave it to his wife and she was really excited too!  It was awesome, so thank you so much!

Okay so this past week;
Friday;  It was pretty much a normal Friday.  We had class, we taught and during exercise time we played foursquare. 

Sunday:  I gave a talk in church.  In typical emily fashion, I had prepared by reading several scriptures and then just writing down 4.  So I then got called on and basically shared a couple of the scriptures and then a story and it was 5 minutes and I was good.  I felt like I didn´t do that great language wise, but everyone else said I did fine, so I guess that means they understood my talk.

Devotional on sunday was really good.  It was by the director of the MTC, Hermano Cates.  We talked alittle about Lot´s wife and the story and how we need to leave our old lives and focus on our lives right now without worrying about the before or the after.  It was a really really good devotional.  Here are some of my favorite quotes
-Faith is always pointed towards the future.
-It doesn´t matter why you came.  It matters what you do now you´re here.
-Stick to your task until it sticks to you for beginners are many and enders are few.
-Life isn´t easy, it´s a test not a reward.  The reward comes after.

And here´s a cute little poem that Hno. Cates quoted from Elder Holland (who may have been quoting something else)
"Come to the edge"
"´Come to the edge.  No we´ll fall.  Come to the edge.  No we´ll fall.  Come to the edge.  So we came to the edge.  He pushed us and we flew"

Sunday night ended with cockroaches.  Or one...  We went to the casa, and as we were going into our room Hna S. saw a cucaracha (cockroach) in the hallway.  After a lot of screaming, I killed it with one of my running shoes and Hna. F cleaned up the mess. We definitely conquered that cockroach.

Monday we picked up 2 new investigadores, Daniel and Tyler, both inactive members who agreed to talk to the missionaries as a favor for a friend.  In reality, they´re both elderes in our district, but it´s a new challenge to think about what they need lesson wise and how to help them.  Monday night we said good bye to Hermanas Porter and Baker as they left for their missions early Tuesday morning.  

The best part about tuesday was the devotional.  This week it was a broadcast from the Provo MTC and it was ELDER PERRY!  It was a great devotional and he talked about we need to love our companions and learn to work with them because it will bless us in our later lives.  Elder Perry promised us that when we get home, we will be in demand because of our ability to communicate with other and because of are ability to look people in the eyes and talk to them.  Elder Perry in the devotional was hilarious and it was great to see a slightly more relaxed side of the apostle than you get during general conference.  Favorite quote from this devotional was "when you are in the service of the Lord, you just can´t keep up."  How awesome is that?  And since devo from Provo we heard about the tsunami and everything that happened.  That was the first we heard about it.  

Wednesday was our last day teaching Victor.  So we´ll get a new investigator next week.  And next week is our last week with one of our teachers, so we currently have 2 in the morning as the transitition out Hno May.  Oh and this past week I was able to talk to Hna Young (someone Em knows from home who is down in the Mexico City MTC teaching spanish).  She´s doing great!

I think that´s the main points of what happened this week.  Everything is going great with my companions and we are getting along great!  My district is wonderful too and I am going to miss them all so much in a week and half when we all head to our own missions.

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