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Week Three (Nov 1-7th)

Finally Updated! You might want to go down two blog posts and read these in chronological order, starting with the first week, then the second and then this post.

Just a reminder that I am new to blogging and I have no idea why some of this is in white and some isn't! I'll have to talk to some of my cousins and see what they have to teach me about Blogging :) Also, my comments during her letters are in italics so that you know it is Mary, not Em.

On to Emily! Another successful and busy week, another letter! Here are some parts:

"So this week was pretty awesome.  We spent the last couple days
teaching our investigadores (investigators) Raúl and Victor.  Teaching them has been
awesome because it´s a great experience to learn how to teach by the
spirit. Sometimes it´s hard going into a lesson having no idea how
it´s going to go, but it´s always a great experience walking away from
the lesson, knowing that you didn´t teach but that the spirit did.  I
feel like we had several of those lessons this week where we were able
to put aside our own lesson plan and then just focus on the needs of
the investigadores.

Oh and last Thursday, after i wrote you guys, my district got together
and played volleyball (and other games) for 3 hours.  We also had a
¨camp fire´around a bunch of candy to celebrate Halloween.  So that´s
how we celebrate in mexico.   Oh and our presidente de rama (Branch president or minister) brought us
mexican candy too.  it was AWESOME!  Good stuff!

So exciting news from the rest of the week. .  Oh and fast
Sunday was interesting too.  We started fasting saturday night and
then finished before lunch Sunday. (LDS members fast the first sunday of every month)
  Oh and relief society was pretty
nice Sunday too.  We talked about patterns in the scriptures and in
the gospel and how if we can learn to follow and identify patterns it
will make it easier to live the gospel.  The pattern that we
identified in class was  the Garden of Eden pattern.  Basically you
live in comfort, but then you are moved into a new experience (like
Adán and Eva were kicked out of the garden) to learn how to grow and
progress in life.  In relating it to a mission, I was in the garden of
eden at home, and then left for the mtc (being kicked out (metaphorically speaking)).  The mtc
has become a garden of eden and soon I´ll be kicked out again (into
the mission field).  And the pattern continues throughout my mission
and life.  We also studied John 15 in connection with this pattern.

Devotional Sunday night was Elder Richard G. Scott, but it was from
April 16, 2013. It was about prayer and was really nice. Something
interesting about prayer and the Spanish language.  As missionaries we
are supposed to use formal language when addressing anyone other than
niños (or the formal version of you or usted).  In prayers, we are
taught you address God using the informal form of you (tú), but this
is because we want to be familiar with our Father in Heaven.  It´s
just different, because sometimes it it´s the opposite in english
because we use more formal words like thee or thine.

 Devotional Monday was by Elder Daniel Johnson and he talked about the first principle of the first
missionary discussion-  Dios es nuestro amoroso Padre Celestial (God
is our loving Heavenly Father).  Elder Johnson talked about teaching
this priniciple and how it´s important because so many people have a
different view of God than we do.  He challenged us to go home and to
pray about 5 specific questions.  1) Heavenly Father, do you really
exist? 2) Do you really have a body of flesh and bones? 3) Do you know
that I exist?  4) Do you know my name? and 5) Do you really love me?
Elder Johnson promised us that if we prayed sincerely about these
things, we would receive and answer that would change us and our
missions.  And while, you guys aren´t on missions, I think it´s
something to pray about too.  My teacher the other day said that
´faith has a short self life´ so we need to continually working on our
faith and praying.

 Oh and something awesome is that I was able to buy
a children´s song book when I went to the temple today.  So that was
super exciting and I can´t wait to go use it!

The weather here is wonderful!  I love it.  like I said last week,
mornings are a little chilly, but most days it then warms up again.
Everyone in my district has been sick and so I´ve caught a little
something, but I´m working on keeping it maintained so I don´t get
super sick (yay super Cs and zinc and airborne). "

 She loves it!! As a family we miss her quite a bit but shes serving the Lord and we know that she is where she needs to be. We love her and are grateful that we get to share her with the wonderful people of Albuquerque. And now for some pictures!

Top Left: The Mexico City LDS temple, where Emily has the opportunity to visit while in the MTC
Top Right: A poster made by Em and her companions, talking about the Church and their purpose
Bottom: Emily and her companions, hermanas Feigel and Schumacher, as well as another companionship, infront of the Temple.

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