Sunday, November 10, 2013

Week Two (oct 25-31st)

Almost up to date! Here are parts of her letter from week 2:

"On Thursday Carlos (our investigador who we finished with Wednesday) became Hermano Villanueva, and is now our afternoon teacher.  This is great because in the manañas we have Hermano May (from Provo MTC) and then we have Hno Villanueva in the afternoon so we´re getting good practice with the language. 
Saturday we did service and helped out cleaning the seminary building, or the church building, getting it ready for church on Sunday.
Sunday night we had the opportunity to listen to Elder Steven B. Allen~ the managing director of the mission department for the Church.  He came down and talk to us about how Satan pushes our buttons and tries to make us quit, feel inadequate or discouraged and how we need to stand up and endure to the end.  He shared Alma 26:27-35 as an example of good missionary work, because they continued even though there were discouraged.  And he also talked about obedience and using common sense as a missionary because we are representatives of Jesucristo (Jesus Christ) and Dios (God)
Tuesday (pizza night and devotional) we watched an old devotional of Elder Holland.  He used the story in John 21 when Jesus came and visited the apostles after his death and told him to ´to feed his sheep´.  Elder Holland talked about how we have been called and that we are supposed to feed this sheep.  This is my favorite quote from the devotional
'You can´t go back. You´ve left your nets and you´re going to feed sheep."
After devotional is when we got together as a district and talked about the devotional and bore testimonies to my presidente de rama y su esposa y primo. (Branch president/Minister and his wife and cousin)
Tuesday night we also had our first night in the TRC or (CRE en español).  That is when we teach volunteers.  It was a good experience to teach someone who isn´t a teacher.  Oh and this week too, we started with two new investigadores- Victor and Raúl."

She is having a good time, and not missing her little sis too much :) Here are some pictures from that week:

 L: Emily and a friend of hers from BYU, plus a chef from the kitchen. Em says he makes good food :)
R: Em and her district, or the 3 hermanas and 8 elders she talked about in her first letter, standing at the front of the MTC (CCM in Spanish)
Above: A Mexico city street, Em loved seeing the hills and all the houses! she says its a beautiful area.

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