Sunday, January 26, 2014

More Active Less Actives (Jan 15th-21st)

"This past week went by crazy fast and I don't quite know what to talk about.  But don't worry, I'll come up with something.

Missionary work is exhausting and I was really really tired Wednesday.  I hadn't really slept well the couple nights before and so I really was running on low energy.  As we were in the car though, I remember listening to a song that came on and I heard exactly what I needed to hear; "pause to help and lift another, finding strength beyond my own."  And that has been my motto the rest of the week, finding strength beyond my own.  I'm here on the Lord's mission and not my own, his work, not mine and working off of his strength, not mine.  And I prayed Wednesday for the continued strength and for the ability to sleep because I was tired of being exhausted.

I swear I didn't sleep any better than the night before, but I woke up completely rejuvenated and feeling like I had so much more energy.  The Lord answers prayers!  Thursday we also had exchanges so Hna Callaway went to Horizon and Hna Oxley came here!  And that meant I lead out!  It was a great experience because we had wonderful lessons!  Just incredible.  I'd heard that exchanges bring miracles, but I didn't quite believe it.  Well it's true!  Good things happen on exchanges.

We switched companions (back to normal) and then Hna Callaway and I studied.  We also ended up after district meeting later because President (the mission president) had come down to El Paso and was doing interviews!  I love President and Sister Miller, they are so incredible and amazing.  In my interview with President, he asked what I was studying.  And I told him how I was studying the conference talks from October using a pattern I learned in the CCM (Doctrine~ Invitation~ Promised Blessings) and how I loved this pattern because we are (as missionaries, teachers, etc.) supposed to teach by this patter.  And then president had me practice with him!  It was a little weird at first, but incredible (I think that's my word of the day...). 
Friday we also had a member, who's husband and daughter were in the hospital so we went, with the elders, to give them blessings.  I know that I'm in the right place right now as a missionary, but the hospital was amazing to be in.  It explain it a little, is it felt comfortable and like I could spend more time there.  Which was the exact opposite of everyone else who was there. 

We had some really weird lessons.  Just like members getting confused at which hermanas we were and just weird things being said.  We spent a lot of our Saturday helping a sister in one of the neighboring wards with her organizing and her kidney replacement application.  Well, actually Hna Callaway helped with that, while I sat in the next room organizing our new area.  Honestly it should have been me, because of my desire for a medical background, but it worked out just fine. 

WE HAD 2 MENAS ACTIVAS FAMILIES AT CHURCH!!!!  As sacrament was starting we get a phone call from an unfamiliar number.  And while we don't normally answer calls, we went to a different room and called them back and it turns out it was Hna S asking is it was too late to come to church!  And so we waited for them out by the door and while we were waiting we met another less active family that came to church that day!  Prayers are answered!  And it was a great sacrament meeting too! 
Sunday night we received a text from a member saying she needed to see us, but we were headed to our new area and she wasn't home.  But it just happened that she was going to the same street that we were going to be on.  So we tried our first house and then visited a member who just had back surgery.  And then we went to go visit a less active member.  Well the original Hermana who texted us went with us to visit the new sister and it was amazing because they were able to connect and talk and it was great hermanamiento (fellowshipping).  And out of the lesson we asked the Hermana what she needed, and she's like, oh I just wanted to talk to you.  That's the Spirit right there, telling her to contact us, because we needed her in our lesson and we didn't even realize it.  How INCREDIBLE is that?

And then yesterday we had an incredible lesson with N.  During the lesson we started talking about prophets and we through that we were going to lose her, because she really doesn't like the Pope and that translates into disliking anyone who might possibly seem like the Pope.  But through the spirit and just opening our mouths we were able to teach about how the prophet is different and how he truly is called of God.  I borrowed her computer, pulled up President Monson's conference address and challenged her to watch it, pray about the things he says, and pray about if he's a prophet.  She's so busy but I really hope she did it, or does it, because as much as she wants and answer, she's not going to ever get one if she doesn't do her part.  She's amazing and so prepared for this change in her life."

Em sent another video link, and this one is a favorite of mine too :) its the 2014 youth theme song:

Emily also sent some fun pictures this week :)
 This is a little girl who turned 8 and invited the hermanas to her birthday party :) Em said it was fun and the cake was good :)
Em was at a members house for dinner when the 3yr old let all the puppies out. She got to help put them all back and got to cuddle with them for a little bit :)

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