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Nasty Sundaes (Jan 22st-28th)

Big News! Only one week until Hermana Hendricks's Birthday! Want to send her a card or package? The address for the mission home is on the left hand side of her blog page, under "Want to send Emily mail?". She will be picking up mail from the mission home on the 7th, so her birthday!

And now for this weeks email:

"So first off... we're moving!  Just to a different apartment.  They renewed the elder's lease and then closed the area, and now that our lease is up, we are moving into their apartment.  It's one bedroom instead of 2, but the closet is huge, so I won't have to use another room as my closet :). 
So for the time being, mail should just be sent to the mission home.  I will be getting mission home mail feb 7th and Feb 18th because of zone training and transfers.
This week was amazing, and I really wish I could just tell you so I didn't have to write it.  Or maybe just ship you my journal so I don't have to rewrite it all.  But i'll just do it :) So I hope you enjoy it!
We had an amazing lesson with the R family.  It was our first official lesson with them, after the fhe last week and so we talked about the Book of Mormon and family prayer.  And we got to know them a little better.  They are such a cute family and it is wonderful to teach them.  And the members who helped us were absolutely perfect for the lesson!
This was a day full of lessons, and trying to find people to teach.  The night before we were supposed to meet up with the elders so they could help give someone a blessing, but their schedule changed and so the blessing didn't happen.  But we swung by Wednesday to give the blessing and the husband was home, and he told us that he would really like the blessing (as opposed to his wife, who originally was receiving it).  So the elders gave him a blessing.  And we shared Ether 12:27, through Jesus Christ, weak things become strong, and testified that even through this trial is difficult, through Christ, everything will be okay.
One of our investigators is going through a rough time and her husband was in the hospital so we swung by again to see her and make sure everything was going alright.  And we made her brownies!
We also had a meeting with the Relief Society president in the ward to try and strengthen the visiting teaching because it's really lacking, unfortunately.  But we have some great ideas and we're so excited to talk to her again and get them implemented.
We had an awesome lesson with a recent convert who lives in our new area.  She is so sweet and it was a great opportunity to get to know her. 
Later that night we had a good lesson with C, one of our investigators.  We read 1 Nefi (Nephi, she spelled it the spanish way) 1 with her and talked about the scriptures and what was going on.  The member who game with us bore her testimony of el Libro de Mormon and invited C to come to church.  It was a beautiful lesson to be part of.
We started off the day meeting the missionary couple in charge of housing and touring our new apartment (this is when we learned we were moving feb 1st).  And as we were in the new apartment, we found out that our member help for later couldn't make it.  So we had a lesson in which we needed help but no one was available.  But the couple, (the S's) said that they were free at 2 and would meet us at our appointment and help.
So at 2 we meet the S's and we taught A about keeping the Sabbath day holy.  And I think it was the best lesson we've ever had with him.  Friday night, a member had given us a quart ice cream and so we used it in this lesson.  We started off asking Abraham if he liked ice cream and then scooped him a bowl.  And then we asked him what he likes to do throughout the week.  And everything that was keeping the Sabbath day holy activities (like going to church, reading scriptures, spending time with family, etc.) was a good topping (candy, cookie crumbles, etc.)  and other activities (like basketball, videogames, going to the movies, etc.) was a non-ice cream topping (like hot sauce, salad dressing, spices, you get the picture).  And so we decorated A's sunday and gave it to him to eat and he didn't really look like he was going to enjoy it.  And then we likened it to the Sabbath day and how all activities are good, but only some are good on a Sundae... (get it?)  SO then all of us ate real sundays and talked about the good activities we can do on sunday.  And Elder and Sister S were so much help.  A wants to get baptized but is waiting from permission from him mom, but sister S was able to share and bear testimony that if he bears his testimony to his mother, her heart will be softened.  And then A bore his testimony to us and it was so powerful spiritually.  He is just an amazing kid and so ready, we're just waiting for the Lord's time.
We had ward conference and it was amazing.  AND C CAME TO CHURCH!  I don't know if you all can sense the excitement in this.  It was amazing.  Hna Callaway gets tapped on her shoulder after Sacrament meeting and we turn around and it's C!  how incredible is that?  And the lessons that day in church were so wonderful and spirit filled.  The stake president here is amazing.
After church we had a wonderful lesson with Al and R and they taught us the plan of salvation because they had learned it in church.  And we were able to get their address to send it to the elders who live near them to help teach.  And we put them on date for baptism!!!  It was a very exciting lesson.
And then we had a lesson with L later that night.  We shared Learning to forgive, in this month's Ensign and talked with her about repairing her relationship with her sister.  We gave her a blank card and challenged her to write her sister a note and mail it to try and rebuild their relationship.
And then an amazing lesson with N using the restoration DVD.  She is amazing and so prepared.  But everything happens in the Lord's time, and after that lesson she understands a little more about Joseph Smith.  Hopefully though, she keeps reading, because if we don't do our part and put forth the effort, God won't be as willing to answer.
We had a wonderful lesson with a recent convert/part member family about family history.  We had them first start by drawing out their trees and as they did this, the mom kept texting her mother for names, and her son was really involved too.  So then we tried to set up their accounts!  Family history is amazing and it's great to see so many people get excited about finding their family members."

And a few pictures!
 Hermana Hendricks and Hermana Callaway stopped for Sonic and figured they'd take a picture :)
Doesn't she just look so happy?
 This is A with his Sunday Sundae, the nasty one :)
Em sent this pic with the caption "How Mexican women heat their tortillas"

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