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Moving Week! (Jan 28th-4th)

Sorry this is so behind again! Never the less, here it is!

So crazy-busy week because of moving.  Every spare time or cancelled appointment was spent packing.  So we felt like we didn't get very missionary stuff in (like lessons) but we still had a pretty productive week!
For p-day we met up with some other sisters and checked out a touristy Mexican store called El Paso Connection.  It's very texasy and western and Mexican.  And just awesome.  So some pictures are from that.  (Staci and Grandpa would have really really liked it!)
Our lesson this night cancelled and so all we had after p-day was helping a member in the ward with her family history work.  We get to the stake family history center and they're doing a training and weren't really willing to let us help a member, but they found her a computer and we started looking for family.  Mexican families are so complicated.  First you have the two last names and then there's just the lack of records from Mexico.  As people index records, more are becoming available, but for now we just have to wait.  And so we spent about and hour and half helping this Hermana with her family history and we were getting nowhere.  She barely had names or dates because her mother had passed away, and her grandparents had passed away in a fire at a young age, along with all records.  So we felt we were at a dead end and it was getting close to closing time.  And then I felt like I need to search through records using her mother's name... AND WE FOUND HER!  And it was amazing.  I turned to Hermana G and said "Hermana, I found your mother!"  And then she kissed me and about cried.  And I about cried too.  So we have another place to start and the Hna renewed her desire to do family history!
So we spent a lot of Wednesday packing.  And then we just ran late the rest of the day (because we waited on a member to pick us up).  So we were soo late to dinner (an HOUR!)  But the family was really understanding, and then we had an amazing lesson with them about diezmo (tithing) and helped them make tithing jars.  And then after dinner, our member cancelled and the other family wasn't answering the phone, so we changed plans and stopped by to see a couple girls we haven't seen in a while, and we had a really good lesson on the 2014 mutual theme, Come unto Christ (Venid a Cristo). 
We spent some time Thursday visiting the half of our area that we had been neglecting.  And we met some ward members and scheduled appointments when we could come back and see how they're doing.  And we helped another Hermana with her family history.  Same story- we're stuck at a dead end because of lack of information and records.  And the Hermana is the only member in her family and she called her other family members but they weren't really willing to share any information.  So we just helped her as best as we could.  And then helped her download the indexing program so that she could index at home.  (Sunday she informed me that something happened and she has no idea how to fix it.  And she doesn't understand why she can index at the family history center but has all these problems at home, so we need to swing by sometime this week and help her figure things out).
So every month we are allotted a certain amount of miles to go with the car.  This month we were frustrated because they doubled are area, cut our miles (only by 50, but still) and so we budgeted our miles really well.  Well, it turns out we budgeted them too well... Friday came (the last day of the month) and we were 100 miles under... and terrified that if we didn't use them, they'd take them away (thinking we didn't need them)... so we drove around a lot... and were still 70 under (oh, well...).  But apparently our whole district was under.  We also had barbacoa for dinner Friday night.  We were eating with a recent convert family from the ward and so we ate and had a lesson.  Here's the thing about barbacoa: according to the dictionary and to TexMex it means barbequed.  To real Mexicans it means shredded tongue, lips or cheeks of a cow.  Guess which one it was... :)  It was really good, especially if you don't think about what you're eating, because it looks like shredded beef.  But yes, we ate barbacoa in tacitos (little tacos) with onions and chile. 
We moved this day!  The missionary couple that was moving us told us to be ready at 8:30, so at 8 we were ready.  And then as we waited for the couple to show up, the 6 elders from our district showed up.  We were moved out of the apartment in 30-45 minutes.  Moved into our new apartment in about the same time and then as we moved in, we realized that the electricity had not yet been turned back on.  So all the perishable food went back to the old apartment, along with our mattresses.  And after moving, we unpacked in the new apartment, packed an overnight bag and then moved back to the apartment with the electricity.   
 And then we had lessons.  We had a really good lesson with C (the one who came to church last week).  She helps people plan funerals and prepare for funerals, so it was a perfect transition to the plan de Salvacion and our purpose on earth, and what happened before this life and life after.
Because of this, we needed to be done for the day at 5, with dinner at 4.  So instead of studies after church we did them after dinner and we ate in our apartment (the members dropped off the food).  But sunday we hit every area in our overall area trying to contact ward members and former investigadores.  So it was a crazy crazy driving day. 
And the picture is from Sunday- we couldn't watch the superbowl but that doesn't mean we didn't celebrate :) 
We had dinner with Hermana G again (the one we helped with family history Tuesday) and she told us that she went to Juarez Saturday trying to contact cousins and aunts to get more information about her family so that she can continue working on her family history!  How great is that?  It's incredible!!!!  It's the spirit of Elijah:
 5 ¶Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord:
 6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.
Family History is amazing!

But yes, Monday we also officially moved into our apartment.  The area was closed the beginning of January and so the apartment was empty after being used by elders.  And then a couple elders needed a temporary place to stay and so they lived in the empty apartment.  And then they thought that they were going to officially close it, so they had those elders deep clean the apartment so they could drop the lease, but it turns out we needed to move it, so the apartment was super clean! (and that's also why the electricity had been turned off).

And of course, some pictures :)
Hermana Hendricks and Hermana Calloway
In El Paso Connection :)

 At El Paso Connection
One last little email excerpt: "a can of jalapeno peppers.  My goal is to one day work my way up to the pepper.  So far, I can eat the carrots :)  I told this goal to a member who was helping us, and when we had dinner with her the next day, she brought out the can and told me to try the carrots.  They're spicy too, but not jalapeno stage yet!"

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