Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Transfer 3! (Feb 12th- 17th)

A Day early and a little short, but here it is!

So this email won't be as long, because we have so so much to do today.  But news wise.... Hna Callaway is headed north and I am staying here.  And the area is being split in half! (so it's going back to the size it was my first transfer).  Hna Callaway and I are still in denial that she's leaving so this fact might come really suddenly tomorrow morning.  I'm going to miss her a ton, but I am excited to meet and start teaching with a new companion!
We had a lunch with several young moms in the ward and taught about the family proclamation.  It went well and we had lots of yummy food.
We had a noche de Hogar with a less active family in the ward.  We decided to teach using the family proclamation but we needed to make it interesting for the children, so we improvised.  We got 10 cups from an Hermana in the ward (the one we ate dinner with) and on them, wrote the 9 principles mentioned in The Family.  (to my family, can you name them?  Remember Mom's fhe???)
They are la fe, la oraction, el arrepentimiento, el perdon, el respecto, el amor, la compasion, el trabajo y los actividades recreativas edificantes (faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work and wholesome recreational activities).  So we would build up a pyramid using these principles/cups and then on top we put La Familia.  We talked about how we can build up our families but what happens if we neglect a principle.  We'd then pull it out and the pyramid falls down.  So it's a great object lesson and the kids have fun knocking down the family pyramid. 
We had a member come out with us for her first time and all our appointments fell through.  So we moved our 6:30 appointment earlier and it was wonderful!  The spirit of friendship was really strong there and it was incredible.  We were late to our correlation meeting, but so were the elders and during the meeting our dinner cancelled.  But then the S called (the couple missionaries who helped us move) and they wanted to get our table and put a different one in our apartment.  We told them we were free all night because our dinner and our appointments cancelled and they declared they were taking us out to dinner.  So we went out to dinner with the S and they are INCREDIBLE.  Just simply amazing.  And during dinner, when they realized that we had a free night they asked us to help moving furniture.  And we did, and it was incredible.  Sister S decided that since we'd probably never be in downtown El Paso again, she'd drive us around to see the sites!  It's so beautiful, like Seattle, but much more Mexican. 
A couple in the ward was married Tuesday and so we helped set up the wedding reception.  So much work, but we were glad to help.  And then we had some pretty awesome lessons.
We walked for 2 hours early Saturday afternoon, trying to contact members that lived close to our apartment but also to try and find people who are interested.  We just talk to people who are out but it was a pretty cool experience.  And probably we walked 3-5 miles, which isn't that much compared to other missionaries, but we've been spoiled with the car.  But the weather was beautiful.  85 and I got a little sun :) I love the weather down here.
Oh and we also got our transfer calls this night.  I don't think I've seen either of us, move to answer the phone as quickly as we did.  But yes, Hna Callaway is leaving.  But it's time to make new best friends :)
Honestly I don't remember much of what happened yesterday.  A lot of good byes for Hna and a lot of canceled lessons.  But life is great.  Missionary work is great! I love serving the Lord and I am so excited for these next 14 months!  Can any one believe I've been out 4 months?  I can't

Hermana Hendricks and Calloway with The S missionary couple (who helped them move and took them out to dinner)

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