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Baptism Week! (March 5th-11th)

More news from Hermana Hendricks!
So here are some wonderful things that we learned this week:
1) Car week goes by so fast.  Sunday came by quicker than we realized and we had to hand the keys back to the elders.
2) your area is flat until you start biking.  Then it's all ups and no downs.
3) biking for the first time helps you discover muscles you never knew you had.
So yes, we biked for the first time yesterday because our bikes showed up Friday!  But let me start at the beginning of the week.
We had a lesson with a less active member who the first question she asked was "how can I become more active?"  She says she has a testimony but it's just feeling like she's part of the ward, more of a belonging.  So we talked about relief society, become more involved and doing activities but also making sure she keeps doing the little things with her boys so they grow up in the church.  And her husband isn't a member, but we invited her to keep involving him and we're trying to figure out events to invite him too.
Lots of really good lessons this day.  We drove around contacting potentials, people who have talked with the missionaries in the past and might have shown a little interest.  Well, we found the parents of a girl who invited us back this week (we'll see them tomorrow) but we had to inform the husband that he couldn't bring his tambourine to church.  And we have yet to tell him that people don't shout "Praise Jesus" during our meetings.  BUT, we really really want him to come to church.  It might liven things up a little, but in all seriousness, church here is really good.
The young women's leader went out with us and we talked about helping some of the less active young women come back.  The problem really is people who have moved and their records stay in the ward so a lot of what we have to do as missionaries is go through and find out who is still living in their homes and who has left.
Friday night we had a first for me... we had a lesson from the car!  We were visiting one of our less actives just to drop off a Libro de Mormon, because all he had was one in English and we found out that he had been kicked out of his place (landlord had had enough) and so we drove down the street and sure enough, he was out drinking with his friends.  We, per missionary rule, we can't teach a man without another women present, and he was drunk, so we had no desire to get out and teach him anyways, but we called to him and gave him is Book of Mormon.  We told him that if he wants us to keep coming he needs to start making changes and coming back to church and then we called Obispo and let them talk for a little bit, and then ended with a prayer.  So it was a really short lesson from the car.  And hopefully it helped... we haven't been able to see him again... and he didn't show up to church...
BAPTISM DAY!  I had never filled the baptism font and Hna had only filled ones up North so she thought the font took longer to fill.  So we were there at 8 to start filling a font that only took an hour to fill... the baptism was at 12.  So we did studies at the church and prepped for the baptism.  And it was beautiful.  Everything happened perfectly!  And A was so excited.  And his dad was so excited too.  And then in typical Mexican fashion we had a lot of food afterwards- mole and tres leches cake!
Then we had lessons, and we taught this less active family about the Tree of Life in Lehi's vision.  We had them draw it out as we read and then we read 1 Nefi 11 and 12 so we could talk about what each thing meant in the dream.  They were super cute and excited to draw the picture.
And dinner Saturday night was with the G family!  It was really good, and they're such a sweet family (Thanks Dani for letting us know they were here!)  We talked about Jonah and the whale afterwards and made our own little story books.
We gave back the car at church.  Got a ride home, got a ride to dinner and then got a ride to our next appointment.  Well our appointment wasn't home, our back ups weren't home and so we walked from one investigator to visit 2 more and then realized we should probably start walking home.  So we walked and made it home by 9.  But it was a long walk...
Our first day biking!  Thanks to Sister Mitchell, I have a bike and it's just the right size.  We biked around to find people and we able to have a lesson or schedule lessons with investigators we haven't seen in a while.  But it was definitely a challenge, being the first day biking.  But yes, the first day is the worst and we can now get on and just be awesome biking hermanas!  And my companion just informed me we biked 11.8 miles yesterday.  Luckily we have a member who needed a lesson and so we met her last night and she took us and the bikes home.  But wow.... we both woke up sore.  But hey, we feel like official missionaries now, because we've walked, biked and driven :)
Life in El Paso is great!  Loving missionary work and  I hope that things are going great with you all!  Love you to pieces and enjoy your week!

And more pictures!

 Hermana Hendricks and Wilcoxson with A

The Hermanas with the family pre baptism and the relief society president with all the food (including Mole!)
The hermana's ready to bike

Emily finally got a bike that fits her! whoo hoo!

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