Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bike Week (march 11th-18th)

Well, you all already heard about our Monday biking adventure.  We were chiples (?spoiled) the rest of the week and received rides from members, less actives, investigators or we walked.  Or biked a little, but not as much as Monday.
We started a less active and an investigator on the LDS stop smoking program.  SO we ran around all day trying to find all the needed materials for this program, we present the program, leave to go to our other lessons and then a couple days later find out they both failed and started smoking right after we left. So yeah.... we need to work on that a little better...
One of our lessons cancelled and a less active member was going to go out with us, so we just went to her house instead and had a lesson.  And she taught us how to make... SUSHI!  Really, who would have thought that it would take me going to EL PASO to eat sushi (and spam for that matter... it was spam sushi).
We had a lesson Wednesday night with a less active family and we decided beforehand to watch the Testaments dvd, the one about Christ coming to the Americas.  Well, we're watching this movie with the 2 little girls and both me and Hna Wilcoxson keep feeling like it's a waste of time, we could be doing something more productive.  But the movie ends and we look over and see the other of the two sisters just sitting there sobbing. 
To me, it made me stop and thing.  It was such a humbling experience to see her feel the Spirit strongly for probably the first time in her life.  And it reminded me of my purpose as a missionary.  To teach, to testify and to help others feel the love of their Savior Jesus Christ.  It also reminded me of how we need to follow the Lord's plan for us, in every little detail.  Which, Wednesday night, involved showing 2 young girls the Testaments.
We had zone training on Friday and it was really good.  Super spiritual and a great opportunity to feel the spirit and learn to become better missionaries.  Afterwards the Bishop's wife came out with us, and all our set appointments fell through, so we went and visited a less active family and sat there as they discussed food.  From what I understood (food Spanish is completely different than Gospel Spanish...) it sounded really good but it was also a great hermanamiento opportunity for our less active.  And a great chance to talk to the bishop's wife about changes in the dinner calendar, and how to get members more involved.
We biked a little.  But then I ran through a patch of espinas, and Hna got an asthma attack so we went home and she rested.  And then we taught a couple lessons.  We had a pass off lesson Saturday too, which was really sad.  But that happens when you start teaching and decide that they'd progress better in an English ward.
Church.  Life.
My companion was sick, so she slept all day and I sat there practice my Spanish by reading old Liahonas.  We had a couple lessons, but everyone cancelled until we went to the Salas.  Had a quick lesson and in the process figured out that the family had the stomach flu going on, or something like that.  So now we're hoping we REALLY don't get sick.

Hermana W making sushi. Em didnt send any of herself

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