Sunday, March 2, 2014

Transfers Week! (Feb 18th-25th)

"I don't know really what happened this week.  Honestly.  But here are a few key things.
Tuesday:  We had transfers.  So we went to the other side of El Paso and I said good-bye to Hermana Callaway and then waited around for a couple hours and studied Spanish with the other sisters in the area.  And then my new companion came.  Her name is Hermana Wilcoxson and she's from SEATTLE!  Yep, so both of us sisters are Seattleites. (She's actually from Marysville, but then again, I'm actually from Bellevue, so yeah...)
And we found out that our area is a car-share again, so we spent some time trying to figure out who we can borrow bikes from. 
So earlier this week we had set up an appointment with a family.  Well it just so happened that the husband and wife were in the phones under different last names.  So we had an appointment with the M family, but when we got to their house and no one was there, we called the wrong J, because his wife in the phone had the name R.  So we had a very very confused J on the phone.  And we thought our appointment had just stood us up.  Well, as we were driving around later, we get a call from the right J and they wanted us to come over.  Well since our other appointments had cancelled, we did and they are simply amazing!  We taught the plan of salvation and invited them to church.
It was another day of driving around (while we still had the car) and trying to find appointments when our other appointments cancelled.  We had a lesson Thursday night with R, one of our recent converts of the year, but also one of our less actives.  So we visited him and talked to him about stopping drinking, and the priesthood, how God loves him and has a plan for him.  Even though we were outside and it was really cold and windy, Hna Wilcoxson was able to bear her testimony and help him feel the love of God.  It was incredible.
We had a member out with us and all our appointments cancelled, so we asked her if she know anyone who needed a visit and she directed us to a member who we haven't seen at church recently.  Well, this sister's car doesn't work (which is why she hasn't gone), but we were able to set up a return appointment and we taught about the Book of Mormon.
Lots of Miracles on Saturday.  First we'll start with A.  This past week he asked his mom if he could get baptized and she got mad again.  But as he bore testimony to her and continued talking to her she finally said "fine, do whatever you want."  And since you only need 1 parent to sign the baptismal form and she gave her consent... guess who's getting baptized!!!  When we told A that he could finally get baptized after waiting a year, he was so excited.  And his dad was in shock.  We taught about the baptismal covenants and how we can keep them.  And it was just a really exciting lesson.
Then Saturday we had a lesson start late (and thus end late) and when we went to our other appointment, she had forgotten.  SO we sat in the car reviewing our backups and I just felt like we needed to visit J and S (the ones we had visited earlier in the week).  We had tried contacting them earlier to see if we could have an appointment, but never got a response, so we went over anyways.  And it was an incredible experience.  J answered the door and then looks at us, and walks back inside to get his wife.  She comes out crying and tells us that she had been praying that we'd come.  We were able to comfort her, teach her and help her feel the love of our Savior Jesus Christ because we were in the right place at the right time. 
As children of a Heavenly Father we are given the opportunity to serve and love his children.  Even though we serve daily we are not always given the opportunity to see how we help, or how the little things we do really impact people.  Sitting in the car Saturday, I felt like we just needed to visit the family.  It wasn't like something told me "go visit s right now, she's praying that you show up"  no it was more like "dang it, normal cancelled what are we going to do now.  Well J and S never responded but I bet we could go see them"  But knowing that we were an answer to prayers.  That that prompting ever so small, was a silent cry for help somewhere.  That is powerful, and I am so forever grateful that through obedience and striving to listen to the still small promptings of the Holy Ghost that we were able to help.
Sunday night we were driving around because of cancelled appointments and we decided to stop by R's and ask him a question.  Well, his landlady wasn't home, and the person inside, didn't think R was home, so we went to check his usual spot and he wasn't there either.  As we were walking back to the car, I remember how touched R was by a message left by some sisters in the past so I thought we'd write him a note.  So I wrote it, and then walking back to his door, we figured out he was actually home.  So once again, a little prompting to just go back and check.  He needed a lesson that night and if we hadn't checked, we wouldn't have found out he was home.
We planned.  And then drove around.  This transfer is a little more stressful because instead of just worrying about having lessons and seeing people, now we have to figure out how to get there.  Bikes will supposedly coming down next week, but by then we'll have the car again.  But this week, we'll just be going a lot of walking and begging for rides.
Missionary work is awesome, even with all the ups and downs that come.  It is a blessing to be serving the Lord and to see the changes that happen in people, but also me.  Being able to serve and love is one of the greatest things I can do right now and I am so happy for this opportunity.  And for the little glimpses into God's plan for us.  Thank you all for your support and have an awesome week!"

She did send a couple pictures as well. One is of her zone just before everyone was transferred, and another is of her and "Batman"

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