Sunday, April 27, 2014

Conference and Transfers! (april 1-8)

I absolutely have no idea where to start telling you about this week!  Except that transfers and conference were both absolutely amazing!
Let's start with last Monday.  So I emailed you all and then Hna Wilcoxson and I went and got pedicures at the Milan school.  They had a spring deal!  And oh, they were so nice.  And then I went home and packed.
Tuesday: TRANSFER DAY!!!!
We went to the transfer site and waited for companions and guess what!  My companion and I WASHED an area!  So we're both brand new and trying to figure things out.  But it's been an amazing experience.  My companion is Hna Biancardi and she's from Portland, so the Pacific Northwest is represented again! 
But yes, we were told at the transfer site that we were washing an area, and then give a set of keys, but now address.  But then we found one of the elders who was leaving and he handed us the address, so we knew where we were headed :)  And that elder's parting words were "sorry the apartment is a little messy, but the area book is up to date."  The area book is where we keep track of all the investigators and less actives, so we know what they've been taught, how often they've been taught and what members helped teach them.  Well... we were worried by the "little messy" statement but happy to hear that they area book is updated.  Well... let me tell you, the apartment was clean, and the area book was not very updated.  I think we would have rather had it the other way.
But we got into our area, figured out dinners, met the relief society president, the bishop and did some quick grocery shopping.  We are in the Transmountain North area,which is considered the Northeast part of el Paso.  It's north and west of my last area :)  But it's just amazing.  We're surrounded by Fort Bliss and just love meeting all these new people.  The hardest part though is that we keep finding amazing people who speak English or prefer Church in English.  Luckily we have some amazing English sisters here who work in the same area we do!
Wednesday, Thrusday, Friday:
We spent time going through the area book and then contacting investigators, ward members, old investigators and less actives.  Washing an area is so much fun!  I love it so much.  It's difficult because you don't know anybody and so you have to start building relationships, but there are no previous conceptions about people, because both companionships are new.  And my companion is just amazing!  She is go good at talking to everybody!  We've had so many miracles because of that this week! 

Saturday, Sunday:
Conference!  General Conference is amazing!  I don't quite have enough words to explain it.  Besides being incredible.  We had a miracle too (well, we have miracles daily... but this one was amazing).  Saturday between sessions, we were waiting at the church and a man came knocking on the doors.  He had talked to the missionaries in the past but had been too busy to come to church.  Well, since then his scheduled had calmed down and he stopped by Saturday to see what times the services were in.  We invited him to conference and he came on Sunday!  How amazing is that.  And we have an appointment with him and his wife tomorrow! 
Another miracle of the week happened yesterday:  We were teaching a lesson that went really long (like 30 minutes long, but it only ended up being an hour anyways...) but it was such a good lesson.  The dad has a tendency to go off topic, but we were able to stay on topic and teach about the gospel of Jesus Christ and answer all the mom's questions.  We also invited them to be baptized after they pray and receive and answer that the Book of Mormon is true, and the dad said he would, and the mom kinda just nodded her head.  She's incredible and has been reading the book of Mormon.  The family is really going to go amazing places :)... But yes, we had this lesson and then we were late to our other lesson, but as we walked to the door, a teenage boy walked past us, and we started talking to him.  Well it turns out he was going to the same place as our appointment and they weren't home.  So we stood outside their door and taught Edgar a lesson.  And gave him a Book of Mormon.  And then as we were teaching the family showed up and we got the sister's information and scheduled a return appointment.  But as we did this, the two teenage boys were talking about Jose Smith and the book of Mormon and how Edgar was excited to read it, and how the other one, was excited to learn more too!  HOW COOL IS THAT?
So yes, missionary work this week has been amazing and awesome and wonderful and just so full of miracles.  And conference just makes everything better!  I can't wait to go back and study the complete talks next month in the Ensign!

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