Sunday, April 27, 2014

Flash Flood (april 16-22)

I think this week is better show in pictures :)  Well, words and pictures.
One of my favorite secular traditions for Easter is dying eggs.  Well, last Tuesday we received the news that one of the sisters in the ward was in the hospital and our relief society president wanted us to go over and visit the family.  So we boiled eggs, and colored eggs with the kids, sharing a short Easter message afterwards:

Wednesday we had a couple lessons, one of which was with a member's friend who owns a burrito truck.  He made some really good burritos :) 

  And we had an awesome lesson with a family.  The husband has been going to church for the past 2 weeks but we had never been able to have a lesson with him or his wife.  Finally we were able to set up a lesson and they're just amazing!  And they both were at church this week!   They're just amazing :)
The rest of the week went really well too.  We had exchanges Thursday and we just saw so many miracles. 

 We had a lesson with a 17 year old friend of one of our members and we asked him why he wanted to learn more about the Gospel.  He said that he has a lot of friends that are members and that they're always happy and he wants that in his life too.  It was such a beautiful lesson.  We asked what his plans are after high school, and he told us he wants to serve a mission.  His parents are different religions, so they aren't as excited about him studying with us, but we're excited to teach him when we can.  And then we had another miracle when the YM leader went out with us to visit a family of teenage investigators.  We had called the day before to confirm they'd be home, and we got there as everyone had gotten home.  The teenagers weren't home, and the mom said she didn't have time for a lesson.  But she agreed to a 20 minute lesson and the dad even joined us.  It gave us a chance to talk about families, what goals they have for their families, and what they want to do.  And then how the church and all the wonderful programs can help the youth.  They couldn't come to church on sunday, because of being out of town, but said they'd meet us at the church tonight for mutual!  We're super excited :)
Friday.  First we learned that dairy queen sells lent specials, I guess that means we're in the South... and in a highly Catholic area  :) 

 Our adventure of the day started well, when we were in the middle of a lesson when it started raining.  And rain in Texas is usually a few drops, 10 minutes, light call it good.  Well, this rain was rain and Seattle heavy rain.  So the Texans were like "this is weird rain"  and my companion and I (she's from Portland), were just like "oh, normal rain."  But then it didn't stop.  And it got harder.  And it started hailing.  And we decided it wasn't "normal" anymore.  Well, we ended or lesson, grabbed garbage bags from the investigator and ran out to our car.  Which no longer was in a street.  It was in a river.  We made it to our car, and then started driving away, trying to stay in the shallowest areas possible.  And then we get this text.

  We as missionaries we couldn't check local media, (just fyi, the sisters would have been forgiven for checking the news or radio to see what was going on in this situation. They were just being extremely obedient) so we just made a quick decision, that we'd rather be stuck at our dinner appointment, than in our apartment, so we drove there- trying to avoid deep areas.  I don't quite know how successful we were... but we made it .  Dinner was amazing- such great food.  And good company too.  And at about 7ish-after dinner and a lesson (so roughly an hour and 30-45 minutes after it stopped raining) we headed out   And had an amazing lesson later that night :)

Sunday, was easter.  We had normal church, with some really good talks on Christ.  And then we had dinner with the ward mission leader and his wife.  We had tacos :)  And oh, they were so good.  Other than that it was just a normal missionary day.  We had a lesson cancel and so we went to visit a less active sister who is less active because of her health and some other things and we talked about Christ and sang her a song- I know that my Redeemer lives, and it was so beautiful.  And then we went to another less active lesson, got in the middle of a family argument, and decided after listen to it for a while (and trying to help) we needed to bring the spirit into our lesson before we left.  So we sang "There is a Green Hill Far Away" and it was a beautiful way to send the lesson.  I think we should use songs more often.
Yesterday we had an awesome lesson with the V family (4915).  We taught a basic plan of Salvation lesson with sidewalk chalk (which I learned is jis in Spanish... you say it kinda like he's).  And we had them all draw themselves in the Celestial Kingdom because that's their goal.  The mom (who isn't a member) told us that it seems like a lot of work, and she's right it can be.  We have to follow the commandments, make covenants, be good people, teach our families to do the same- but as they say in Spanish "vale la pena" it's worth the pain.  Nothing is going to be greater than being able to be together as a family in the celestial kingdom with God someday.  It will make every sacrifice worth it, every pain, every bad thing.  Everything will be worth it.  Vale la pena. 
I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week filled with fun, and birthdays and just enjoying Spring!  Remember the Easter Spirit and carry it with you the rest of the year!  I love you all and can't wait to let you know how the temple goes next week!  I'm SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!

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