Sunday, April 27, 2014

Transfers (Mar 26-31)

Hi y'all it's transfer time again!  And guess who's getting transferred!  Me!  I'm not going to lie, I am so excited!  It's going to be so much fun.  Transfers are bittersweet because I have to say goodbye to people, but I'm so ready to go meet more wonderful people in the general El Paso area!  So i'll let you know next week, where I end up, but I know for sure I'm staying in El Paso.
So this week, was long, short, fast, busy, crazy and I don't quite know what happened.  We were on bikes again and got stranded a couple times but life works out and we were able to get everywhere we needed to go. 
Friday morning we had the funeral for the husband of a less active sister.  It was at the St. Pious (I think that's right...) Catholic Chapel of El Paso and it was probably the most beautiful Catholic church I've been in.  The stain glass windows were so pretty.... if only I wasn't a missionary, and not a funeral and then I would have taken pictures.  But after the funeral we were stuck!  And had to call a member to come pick us up, so it was a really funny experience.  And later that night we visit the Hermana who's husband had just died to see how she was doing and got stranded at her house until 10 because we called a member to give her a blessing and had to wait until after because no one else was able to pick us up.
Saturday:  we both woke up sick (1 because all the missionaries around us are sick and 2 probably because of stress... missionary life :) ).  And so we didn't leave the apartment until our first set appointment- 2:30.  But had a lesson and then dinner early (because of the women's broadcast) with a less active family.  And she came to the women's conference.  But we also went on splits Saturday night, so that I could get this less active sister to conference and that Hermana Wilcoxson could get a disabled sister to the conference.  Well, we get there late and then we get a call from Hna that they had a flat tire.  So I didn't enjoy the first part of conference because I was trying to figure out that whole situation.  Luckily the zone leaders where at conference and we were able to send them to go help.  But I didn't enjoy the middle of conference because I was worried about what was happening and couldn't get in contact.  And then for the last talk they showed up so I could breathe, but by then I couldn't focus.  So eventually I will need to go back and restudy the conference.  And then I think it's enough General Women's conference until after my mission ;)  Just kidding.  (Want to watch it again, or for the first time...
So we went home from conference, and then got transfer calls.  And so Sunday and today are goodbye days.  And we had a really good lesson yesterday with a couple that I'm going to really miss.  They kinda dropped off the face of the earth but texted us this week and said they were home so we had amazing lessons! 
Love you all and I hope you have an awesome spring break!  Enjoy conference!  I am so excited for General Conference!  I mean, how awesome is general conference?  We get to listen to the prophet and the apostles.  In fact this week I came up with
10 Reasons General Conference is better than Christmas
1.General Conference happens twice a year!  Christmas is only once
2.It last 2 days.  Two days, times twice a year is 4 days of awesomeness (plus the women's meetings the weekend before :) )
3. It answers life searching questions.  Christmas doesn't do that.
4.We learn the teachings/words of Christ.  Christmas is nice cause we celebrate his birth, but it we can't get to heaven just by celebrating. 
5. We get to listen to the words of a living prophet.  How awesome is Pres Thomas S. Monson?
6. Pres Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  He get;s his own number cause he's so awesome.
7. Elder Jeffery R. Holland.  He's amazing too.
8. All the other talks are amazing too, so we can't forget about all them of them.  Everyone is like a different present.  Even Christmas doesn't have that many presents.
9. We get to relive Conference in the Ensign.  And online.  Reliving conference just doesn't happen that way.
10. The choirs!  Christmas has great music but it's always fun to figure out what choir is going to sing in conference.  Like missionaries, families, or MoTab!  So yes, the music is awesome too.

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