Sunday, May 18, 2014

Never Ending Adventure (april 23rd-29th)

So many amazing things happened this past week.  No flash floods through so you don't have to worry :)
Thursday we had interviews with President and Sister Miller.  They are so amazing and inspired.  Visiting with them and talking to them about different things is always so uplifting and inspiring.  And the great news is that, they now have an apartment down in El Paso!  So we will get the chance to see them more often :).  One of the things Sister Miller talked about was our patriarchal blessings- how amazing it is to have this chance to know some of the promised blessings if we live righteously and do everything we can.  I just love my blessing so much and how it's guided me throughout my life.  Life is a grand adventure, why would we not use all the help we can get to guide us through?  Even through I received my blessing a couple years ago, every time I read it I still can feel the love that God has for me as my Heavenly Father.  I know that he knows me individually and that he has a glorious plan for me.  And from my family members who have received their blessings, I want to hear from you how it has blessed your lives :)
Friday we had an impromptu zone conference with President Miller (remember how I said he's living down south now too... that means they could stay longer after interviews!)  He talked about how when a dentist is working he uses sharp, precise tools to do his job.  If one of his tools was to bend, it wouldn't be as effective.  In our lives and our missions, the Lord is the dentist and we are his tools.  We need to be sharp and precise through obedience so that the Spirit can work through us to touch the lives of others.  I love how he talked about perception too.  How do we perceive people, how they perceive us and how different perceptions might negatively or positively affect how we work with investigators and members.  But most importantly, what are our own perceptions of ourselves.  If we see ourselves negatively, then that's how it's going to become.  But if we see ourselves in a positive manner, than life just goes easier, we'll have more confidence in ourselves and we'll just be happier.  It reminds me of a quote from Elder Richard G. Scott "We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day."
Saturday we woke up to the news that the mother of one of the sisters in the ward had passed away earlier that morning.  This sister is a recent convert of the church and has been super busy with the death of her father a couple weeks ago and just figuring out everything surrounding that (he was exmilitary and living in the Phillippines), and so we stopped by to drop off flowers and see if she needed anything.  And so we were there, Hermana talking to this sister, and I entertained the kids, trying to take their minds off of things.  There was a primary activity later, which also happened to be our dinner, and so we went, and one of our investigator families showed it!  It was great to be at the activity for them, and just to talk and know some of the other ward members a little better.  We had a church tour planned for 8 that night, and our 7 appointment cancelled so we went to the house a little early, and it's a good thing we did because it took us roughly 30 minutes to get the family awake, shoes on and out the door for the tour.  But it was an amazing experience and wonderful.  The Spirit was strong and we were sure they were going to come to church (spoiler... they didn't :( )
Sunday, normal missionary sunday.  But the V family came to church!  They weren't able to stay for all 3 hours because of a family thing, but they came!  Yay!  The weather around here hasn't been the greatest, no flash floods this week, but a lot of wind and dust, aire y tierra.  So contacting people was interesting, but we found a great new investigator.  We have a return appointment today, so hopefully he'll be home :)

Monday was TEMPLE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YAY.  We met with the Va's at 5:30 and they drove us and the elders in our ward up to the temple.  And it was amazing, the spirit was so strong and it was just incredible being there with so many missionaries.  We had our session, and then afterwards we had a devotional with president about how the spirit of the temple can bless the lives of our investigators even before they're baptized.  President also challenged us, after our missions, to go to the temple weekly, and that we'd see miracles in our lives and families if we could take the time to worship and feel the spirit in the temple.  It was just amazing.

  Afterwards we took pictures and then headed back south around 4.  It's normally a 4 hourish drive, and we had already gotten a little lost, so we were on track to be home at 9 and so around 8 last night, we were near Las Cruces and we passed 2 white cars that were full of missionaries on the side of the road.  We turned around to check and as we pulled up in from of them and got out, we realized that our car had a flat tire too.  The other car  had run over something and we don't know if we had done of the same, or if it was punctured in the process of stopping and heading back to see if they were okay.  Well, it was a long process involving border control who kept checking on if we were okay.  The first car quickly got the tire changed, but we couldn't get the bolts off.  So the border patrol ran to a gas station and brought back slime tire fixer and they filled the tire and had them drive to the gas station.  Well, at the gas station the tire wasn't keeping air, and so we had to wait for roadside assistance to come help us and finally they were able to get the bolts off and change the tire (they had been stripped, so none of the wrenches were talking of the lug nuts). We got on the road again at 10 and were home by 11ish, in bed by 11:30 and trust we, we slept really well :)

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