Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tranfers! (may 7th-12th)

The past week was an amazing week!  Not without trials or challenges, but amazing all the same.  It's weird to think that one transfer is already over in Trans Mt, but I'm so excited for another transfer here!
So some amazing experiences/people:
M- We met her probably a week ago and she's just amazing.  We were trying to contact her neighbor but ended up talking to her for a long time.  And this week we were able to have a second lesson.  I sat there, occasionally interjecting things into the lesson, but mostly sat at the table, playing with the 4 year old daughter keeping her occupied so that M could focus.  But it was just a beautiful lesson!  Muy Hermosa :).  We started talking about el Libro de Mormon and how it's a record of the people who lived her in the Americas and how Christ came to visit them.  And she was SO excited!  She told us that she always knew that people lived here, and excited to learn and read about the Book of Mormon.  And we asked her to be baptized after she finds out it's true (so after she studies, prays and comes to church) and she was just so cute!  Her response "que Hermosa!  Pero necesito mas tiempo"  (how beautiful, but I need more time.  Which is good... we don't want people rushing into baptism).  But she's amazing, and I'm so excited to teach her more!   
E- He was an old investigator of the elders and so we stopped by one day to meet him and see if he was interested.  We've had a couple lessons and through he didn't make it to church this week, he was able to come to the baptism this week (the elders in the ward had one :) ).  We had a lesson this week and invited him to be baptized and he responded with "Como no!"  which is basically, "why not."  And we're like "uhhhhhhhhhhh, that's not the response we normally get...."  happy that he said yes, but wanting baptism to be taken a little more seriously because it is making a covenant with the Lord. 
A- He was our miracle from last Monday night.  And teaching him again is amazing!  He progresses really slowly because of his dementia, but he's progressing.  We had several lessons with him, and one of them was teaching him how to pray.  And then next time we came back he was able to pray!  He also made it to church on Sunday.  A member picked him up and took him home.  We're going to try and meet with his daughter this week to see how we can better help him. 
Familia S-  They were also former investigators from the last elders.  But we hadn't been able to contact them, and so Saturday, before the baptism we stopped by to see if they were home and if we could teach a quick lesson/ set up a return appointment.  Well, Hna S opened the door and she told us "tengo prisa.... pero pasales" (i'm in a hurry, but come in).  And we were able to teach an amazing lesson.  The poor family has been going through a lot recently and she really just needed someone to come listen and tell her that everything would be alright.  That God loves her and that he knows she's a strong woman.  The Lord works in amazing ways! 
One of the big things we're trying to teach is about the temples.  It's been a couple weeks since we went to the Albuquerque temple, but the experience still resonates.  I just want everyone the opportunity to go to the temple, and feel of the Spirit of the Lord and to make sacred covenants with the Lord.  This past week I recently got the special edition Temples Ensign, and it's just been great showing people the temple pictures and help them gain/regain or put more emphasis on going to the temple.  And then I found this really cool article and video today about temples- The video gives some really good insight to building temples, but has some really pretty shots of different rooms in the temple. 
And with my Temple Ensign, I also happened to get my copy of the April Conference Ensign!  Can I just remind everyone how amazing conference was?  It's incredible that we have modern day prophets who can teach to our needs individually.  I invite everyone to go back and read/study a conference talk.  I've been studying Pres Uchtdorf's "Are you sleeping through the Restoration" and Elder Teh's "Where your treasure is."

Picture: My district from last transfer.  All the elders are Spanish Speaking (expect for the Zone leaders who were in the picture) and the other sisters are English speaking. 

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