Sunday, May 18, 2014

Transfers Again! (may 6th)

I don't know how things like this happen.  How do 6 weeks fly by so quickly?  I feel like I was just transferred to the North East and now, it's been 6 weeks later.  Crazy huh, :)
So this week.... was great! And long, and crazy.  Last week I think I told you about a new investigator, O.  Well, this past week we had several other lessons with O and they were really interesting.  He was more interested in proving to us that the bible was the only word of God, and not interested in listening to what we had to say.  We had a lesson with them Tuesday and then Wednesday and during the Wednesday lesson, he told us that he wasn't interested in learning any more.  And then he said the closing prayer, in it asking that someday we would be guided to the knowledge that there are no "prophets, scriptures or bibles after Christ."  It was a really awkward situation because I didn't agree with what he was saying in the prayer, so I didn't know if I was supposed to say amen or not.... in a sense it just got mumbled and then we left the house, and went to find people who are ready to learn about the Book of Mormon and Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Ef and Es are two of our amazing investigators right now, theyre on date for May 24th and we're trying to help them prepare.  They're not quite sure they're ready, but it's amazing seeing how much a person can chance in a month or two!  We had several lessons with them this past week and they just keep getting better and better.  Yesterday we taught about prophets and following the prophets and we asked Ef if he's prayed about if the Book of Mormon is true.  Well, he told us he hadn't, but it gave us the opportunity to ask why, and learn that he didn't really know how to ask/receive questions through prayer.  Our member who was out with us, shared one of her prayer stories and it was an amazing experience.  The ward is having a baptism this weekend and we invited them to come.  Hopefully they'll make it, because it will be such a spiritual experience!
And then we had a lot of time finding this week.  One of the amazing ladies we met is M and she's so sweet.  We were trying to contact her neighbor, who was a referral, and she wasn't home, so we stopped by to ask her what time her neighbor usually is home.  Well, she just started talking to us and it was fantastic!  We have an appointment with her later tonight and it's going to be great.  We saw her last night (contacting the referral next door) and she was so excited to see us and excited for the lesson tonight!
And because of the Tuesday night lesson with O, we missed another lesson (O wouldn't stop talking/discussion/quoting bible scriptures at us).  Well, we stopped by R's and had the chance to actually teach him later the week and it was amazing!  He's just so prepared to hear the gospel and with so many things that have happened in his life, he's just been so humbled.  We had problems finding a member to visit him with us, and finally called an older lady in the ward, but it was just perfect!  She was able to share her testimony on how she was Christian before and how her daughter was baptized but she didn't want anything to do with the church.  But she read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it and got her answer!  It was just an amazing lesson!
And then the miracle of all miracles probably happened last night :).  A couple weeks ago, one of our investigators moved.  And we had been calling his daughter and him, trying to get his new address, but we had just about given up hope.  A has dementia, so we weren't figuring he'd remember to call us, but is daughter wasn't really interested in us, so she wasn't returning our calls or sending the address.  But last night, we got a call from an unknown number and it was a friend of A's!  Apparently, A has been asking for us, and wants us to come by his new place and keep teaching him!  HE REMEMBER US!  How amazing is that, and he just wants to get baptized so badly, so it's a miracle that we found him again! 
So lessons learned this week!  The Book of Mormon is true, prepared people will listen, prepared people will come back to you and missionary work is AMAZING!

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