Sunday, June 8, 2014

End of May (may 27th)

Can you all believe that it's almost the end of May already?  Where did the time fly?
So Tuesday:  We had this appointment scheduled with this awesome investigator who we hadn't seen in a while, but we couldn't find someone to come with us, and we couldn't enter without another women, because he was a single man. So we called and called every body, and no one could help.  Then we called him and he cancelled his appointment and essential dropped us, so it's funny how things work out.  We spent the rest of the evening finding new people and visiting with M, another one of our awesome investigators.  She has so many questions and it's just amazing teaching her.  We started reading the Book of Mormon together with her and answering her questions.  We're going back tonight, so hopefully she read and has even more questions.
Wednesday: Exchanges, so Tuesday night I left my area and headed over the mountain to the Rio Grande area with Hermana Gubeli (fun fact: she was sister Callaway's MTC companion!!)  We had an awesome day together, trying to find people to teach and having a couple lessons.  It was a great experience to work out of my area and to learn from a different sister in the mission.
Thursday:  While I was in Rio Grande, the sister taught E (so on Wednesday), well he had left a hat in a member's car so on Thursday we went to drop it off at his house.  And the change in E was amazing!  The sisters had taught about having the holy Ghost and E really wanted it more in his life, so they talked about stopping drinking and smoking and how that will happen.  Well the change in him was incredibile.  Wednesday he was slightly better, but Thursday was incredible.  He was less drunk, understanding more, and just more there in general.  The sad thing is that he just moved to Midland/Odessa to try and find work in the oil fields... so we'll see what happens with him.
Friday: We had some really good lessons on Friday, and a lot of finding and talking to people.  We had a lesson at 7 with an investigator and he invited his friend, and we had 3 members out with us and so it was a lot of people in the lesson.  So one of the members and I, K (future missionary!!) decided to walk around the neighborhood teaching/talking to people/  We didn't find too many interested people, but we were able to find and comfort a lady who's son is in jail.  She said that he wants to join a Christian church when he gets out and so we gave her our card and said we'd love to come talk to him.  And then we had a lesson with the V family about the restoration and we watched the 20 minute restoration dvd, and talked about how we can get answers.  We invited them to be baptized on the 28 of June, but they're hesitant.  We had a lesson with them this Wednesday though, so we'll see how everything goes.
Saturday:  It's always a hard day when all/most of your appointments cancel, but we were able to make it all work.  We had the great opportunity of walking around and just meeting and talking to people.  And we had a really good lesson with one of our inactive families, the A family.  We talked about coming to church, and what was stopping them.  And we learned that they were embarrassed to come back.  Hno A had a stroke and his goal was to walk into church, but he's still in his wheelchair.  But it was good to talk to them, because every other time we've talked about church they've always said that they just sleep in or other things happen.
The A family came to church!  :)  And the N family too!  Earlier in the week we had scheduled dinner and a family night with the Ar family.  But when we visited the A family on Saturday, we also found out they were expecting us.  So we ended up having 2 dinners planned.  But the Ar family forgot about the dinner part and we just had the lesson part, so it all worked out.  We had a lesson based on jeopardy and missionary work!  So each category was a different part of the missionary lessons (the restoration, plan of salvation, gospel of Jesus Christ and the commandments) and we had questions that involved practicing.  So and example was "your friend's grandma just died, what would you say to comfort her?"  "your friend just asked you about the Book of Mormon, how would you explain it?"  and so we had them split into teams and practice explaining/answering the different questions together.  It was awesome!
One of the hardest things to do sometimes is just open our mouths to start the share the gospel.  It's hard for missionaries even because we don't always know how to navigate conversations or just how to talk to some people.  And then sometimes it's just plan awkward.  As a mission, we have a goal to do 140 OYMs (or open your mouths) a week.  OYMs consist of teaching, testifying and inviting.  It can be as simple as "We're missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Have you ever talked to missionaries before... well we teach about Jesus Christ and how you and your family can strengthen your relationship with Christ.  We know that our message will bring peace to your lives... is there a time we can come by?"  to a longer conversation.  Sometimes OYMS end in set appointments, sometimes with just giving people cards and talking to them for less than a minute.  But our goal is 140 a week or 20 a day.  Last week, as a companionship, we got 97!  So that's our record that we're trying to beat this week :)  And there's my challenge to you this week!  Look for experiences to OYM, using your own unique way/experiences.  Standing in line, on the golf course, waiting for meals at a restaurant.  Just little ways to somehow bring up the gospel!  Good luck!  I know you'll all do awesome :)
Have a fantastic week and happy almost june!
p.s. its getting hot in El Paso!

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