Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 15th

Crazy to think we're already half way through the transfer.... wow..
So this past week was kinda a blur!  Lots of things happened!
Martes-  This was so long ago.  Had a couple awesome lessons with awesome members!  The members here are amazing!  Always so willing to help with the work of Salvation!
Miercoles- Crazy day had a couple lessons.  One of our investigators is an older man, and we taught him about fasting.  And then we followed up and made sure he ate dinner... because he hadn't eaten anything all day (he said none of his food worked...).  So when our dinner appointment cancelled, we quickly made food and took some over to him.  And we met up for exchanges.  What a view! 
Jueves- We had exchanges and so I stayed in the area and Sister Pipkin from the other side of the mountain joined me.  We had an awesome time and saw lots of miracles.  One of the miracles we saw were D and A!  We met them contacting and talked about how D is trying to find the right path to be on.  They were so cool and we set up a return appointment with them.
Viernes- We had district meeting in the morning and then brought a member with us to meet with Au and we had dinner.  The first member who was going to come with us had to cancel, but she still was a sweetheart and made all the food.  The member who came with us, lives outside of our area, so we drove a lot on Friday, but we saw some pretty cool houses ... and it was nice to drive in a different area for a little bit.

Sabado- We had our lesson with D and A and they are INCREDIBLE!  The husband is so prepared for the Gospel and is so eager to put everything we say to the test.  We met with the parents and the 4 kids and they are just so cute!  We taught about the restoration and invited the whole family to pray about whether or not Joseph Smith was a prophet.  As we were leaving, D made a comment about how he'll tell us about his answer when we go back Thursday!  He has so much faith and is just so eager to learn!
Domingo-  We had dinner with an awesome member family and there friends!  It was such an awesome opportunity because it was a more causal setting and we were able to get to know both families and talking about what we do as missionaries.  And also how family is important and central to the Church.  We taught about prophets and how they teach principles and guidance before the problems come, which is why the Family Proclamation came out 20ish years ago and how it addresses problems now.
Lunes- Language study with a member again!  It went really well.  We had lessons and awesome lessons.  One was with a Mom and her daughter, but her daughter lives in Juarez so we can't really teach her, but hopefully she meets with missionaries in Mexico because she was really eager to learn more. And then we had a crazy night.  Dinner with a member and investigator family.
  And then appointments at 7 and 8 that cancelled.  But our 7 moved to 8, we contacted and awesome referral at 7:30 and at 8:30 we had a lesson with L again!!!!!!  She's home again!!!!! YAY! And she's excited to keep meeting and learning more! But yes, last night was a really good night. 
We're teaching amazing people and it's such an incredible blessing to be a missionary!  I hope that everyone is having their own missionary experiences and that you all get to feel the joy through missionary work!  One thing I've been studying this week is discipleship and how we can be better disciples of Christ!  It's incredible to study the four Gospels and just focus on what Jesus did and how I can better emulate that in my life!

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