Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 1st

Hey ya'll!  Guess what, it's July!  The year is half over..... hijole.... where does the time go?
Hmm what do I say about last week.... it was long, fast, hot, crazy and a lot of fun.  Full of disappointments, but full of miracles... where do I start?
Monday- We dropped off our car at the dealership for a recall order, and then we were planning on taking it to the bodyshop to get the dents fixed and the recall took until 5:30ish and we were like "perfect!  we can then take it straight over to the body shop".  But then as they were pulling our car around we we found out the body shop closed at 5:30.... BUT then a miracle happened.  We started talking to a couple guys from the body shop and one said that since we were missionaries he'd take the car and get it started.  So that was a miracle and we had a great opportunity to talk to him about what we do as missionaries.  And we found out that his brother had committed suicide a couple weeks ago and so the whole family is going through that right now.  So we talked about how families can be together again and he told us to send missionaries in a couple weeks.  Then we made it home in time to head to our last presurgery lesson with the C family.  We talked about the Atonement and gratitude and being grateful in all circumstances.  And then we had a lesson with L... and she told us that she was leaving to Armadillo Tx to be with her dad for the summer.  So that was a heartbreaking experience.  We talked about being daughters of God and how he is always there for us, and we told her we loved her and took a picture.  We've been trying all week to get an address for her cause she wants to missionaries to visit, but to no avail... one day though. 

Since we didn't have a car, we spent a lot of time walking and we met some amazing people.  Lots of referrals for other missionaries... yay! We also had a lesson with the V family, and hermano is still doing amazing on not smoking!  And then the  rest of the family (mom and kids) left for a week(s) in Mexico... and they're planning on moving in August... but want to be baptized here... We're not sure quite how it's going to happen, but just have to trust in the Lord's plan.
Wednesday- So our member who was going to help us flaked out last minute, so we ended up walking in the afternoon.  We had a great lesson with A and the Hondo Pass sisters.  They were so sweet all week!  Rescuing us and dropping us off at appointments.  They sat in on A's lesson and we taught about the law of Chasity and it was a great lesson!  He understood it.  To check that he understood, we ask him what would happen if Hna Biancardi got a boyfriend and he responded with "casarse!" (get married!)  And then when we ended the lesson we asked if he had any questions and he asked us when we were going to bring his girlfriend to a lesson... haha so funny!
Thursday- We had a lesson with the N family and it was disheartening.  They had already cancelled an appointment earlier that week and hadn't come to church so we were really worried about the lesson.  Well, we walk in and the first thing we see are 2 articles about the feminist who was excommunicated from the Church.  We had a lesson on the priesthood and how while women may not hold the priesthood, that doesn't mean the priesthood is just for the men.  The organizations in the church are all organized under the priesthood, or the power of God.  I just love Elder Andersen's quote from General Conference "A man may open the drapes so the warm sunlight comes into the room,but the man does not own the sun or the light or the warmth it brings. The blessings of the priesthood are infinitely greater than the one who is asked to administer the gift."  But yes, we were teaching the N and E said that they had made a decision to stop meeting with us.  And then Ef said that his wife's health wasn't good, and they felt that we had put too much pressure on them and it was making her health decline.  But they would still come to church, but maybe not have so many lessons.  So that was a really discouraging lesson to come out of, but we had a good lesson with the L family afterwards.  We had another lesson fall through and we went and visited A again.  And he was so funny.  Remembered everything from the ley de castidad lesson and then in the end, he was asking our member if she was married (she's the bishop's wife).  She said yes, and then we talked about how Hna Biancardi and I are not married.  But then Aurelio informed us that Sister B had a boyfriend and was getting married... in a month.... crazy huh... She's still be a missionary too ;)
Friday-We got our car back and were able to visit our investigator who is in the hospital.  Poor K she was so miserable and in so much pain.  It was really sad to see her like that.  But hopefully she's out of the hospital now.  

Saturday- Saturday was our day of Ms.  We contacted a former investigator and started teaching him again.  And then we had a lesson with a teenager investigator, named M,  and the Hondo Pass sisters so that they could begin visiting him (so that he'd go to English instead of Spanish).  We also contacted referrals all day and saw a pinata strung between two houses.
Sunday- Church.  The L's came!  And Ef N came!  And the Ad family came!  So we had a couple investigators, a couple former investigators who want to come to church but not have lessons, and a couple less actives!  It was a great day at church.  We heart attacked the Carrillo's door because they were coming home from the hospital.  Then we had a lesson with the L's later and our plan was a movie night, but the dvd player didn't work, so we talked about the Book of Mormon instead.
Monday- Planning.  Then lessons.  Our dinner canceled last minute and so we went to contact a referral who also worked at a burrito shop.  Boy was the food good... You all should try chile relleno burritos.  And then we had another lesson with the L family, this time the dvd player worked and we watched the Restoration DVD.  It was a great lesson.  

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