Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 8th

It was a great week missionary wise.  And really just a wonderful week down here in El Paso.  We had a lot of rain (well... Southwest style rain) and so the temperatures stayed a little lower.  We had a couple days of really high mileage on the car, so we've also been trying to budget the rest of our miles so we don't run out this month.
Martes:  It rained :)   Our appointments all cancelled, but we were able to contact a referral, and then the family of a potential.  Both were busy but we were able to schedule a better time to come by.  And we took flowers to one of our investigators to help her feel better.
Miercoles: We had an awesome day of OYMing.  And we had some great lessons.  We met with one of the recent converts and then ending up teaching the grandson about the Book of Mormon.  He was really interested and said he wants to learn more.  And then we had some pretty good lessons later on.  One of them was with 2 teenage girls, who really didn't want to be there, but their parents told us to teach them.  So we talked about God and how he's our Loving Heavenly Father and how that makes us his children.  We're all children of God.  As we talked the Spirit touched their hearts and we were able to set a return appointment (but they preferred English... so we set the return appointment with the English sisters).
Jueves: Lessons all day.  We were able to met a couple new investigators, pass off a couple investigators to the English sisters and just teach!  We had some pretty awesome members helping us. 
Viernes:  Serving in the morning helping one of our members move and then zone training and then our plans for the day fell apart.  People had plans for the 4th of July so members were cancelling, lessons were cancelling and we were just trying to think so hard about who was most "Mexican" and would not be celebrating.  But everybody loves celebrating anything, so really that strategy didn't work.  We swung by our 14 year old investigator, K, who just got out of the hospital from back surgery and she was doing well.  She's up and walking and on the mend, but still in a lot of pain.  And then we had a miracle.  Ka, our 16 yearold member preparing to be a missionary, came out with us to visit a couple people.  And most of them weren't home, or were busy.  We swung by G's house and met her outside and she tells us that she has to go.  But that we can have 5 minutes.  Well after 5 minutes (we have been practicing 5 minute lessons and how to teach simply so it was perfect.  We taught about the Book of Mormon), she invited us in for first 5 more minutes and then 10.  And as we started teaching about the prophets and how they teach us the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the commandments and she started asking us about reglas or rules for the Church.  So it was a really good discussion, it was longer than 10 minutes, but she was really engaged and I'm really excited to go teach her again.  And honestly it was an amazing miracle.  And then we ate dinner with Ka and her mom.  We helped make enchiladas- Mexican style :).  We spent the rest of the night, walking around talking to different people.
Sabado: A member agreed to help us out during the morning and basically stayed with us for 6 hours!  She was having a hard day and the spirit of missionary work really touched her and she just didn't want to finish.  We taught a couple of amazing lessons and she even took us out to lunch/dinner.  We were going to visit some less actives and she wanted to get them a melon, so we swung by the store and then she bought us burritos. 
domingo: Awesome lessons with A, J &D and the L family!  We were able to talk about baptism and invite in all 3 lessons.  And A and J both accepted the baptismal date of August 2!  SO we're working with them to help them prepare and receive their answers.  And the L's are just incredible!  Hermano wants to come back to church and he's slowly understanding and implementing what he needs to do.  We invited his wife to be baptized and him to baptize her and they both said yes, but Hna Luna wanted more time, she wanted to receive more of an answer before saying yes.
Lunes: Started off with service helping the R family weed their side porch.  There was a miscommunication in time, but it worked out well.  And we got breakfast and learned how to make tortillas de Maseca and gorditas.  And watching 3 generations of Mexican women work together was just an amazing experience.  Then we had 3 amazing lessons all with members!  Interviews with President Miller (he's INCREDIBLE!), and helped Hna S move her bed into her new apartment (she serves us so much!  It's always a blessing to help serve her)  So basically, yesterday was amazing.  :)
Or basically, this past whole week was amazing.  Hope you all are happy and healthy and just loving life!  I love you so much and I love this gospel so much too!  It's brought me so much happiness and I am so blessed for this opportunity that I have to share it with others! 

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