Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 10th

Hey family!  Guess what I did all week!  MISSIONARY WORK!  Isn't it exciting?!?  You should all be exciting.  And you should all be motivated to do missionary work too, because it's SO MUCH FUN!
Everyone keeps commenting on the weather in El Paso.  Guess what, it's amazing!  I love it here, but sometimes it's so hot.  In Zone Conference last Monday, President Miller shared a story about his kids growing up and how they would always try to be the first on Hyrum Dam/Lake after the ice was gone.  Their goal was to "break the glass" and it was always so cold.  So they'd be out in the middle of the lake and someone would have to get out of the boat.  But once they got out of the boat, into the cold water, and then up on the skis everything was great.  President made the analogy to us, that sometimes we just need to get out of the boat and get to work/whatever we need to do.  Well, we decided this week that we didn't need to get out of the boat, we need to get out of the car, cause sometimes it's just so hot, and the air-conditioning is just so nice.  But that's okay, we had some amazing experiences as we "got out of the car" this week.
Tuesday:  Well... since it was p-day we decided to do something fun, besides just emailing, shopping and laundry.  And so we went to Goodwill and got searched for lightweight shirts and clothing to help us brave the heat.  I think we were successful :).  And then we had a lesson with M later.  We taught her lesson two, about the plan of salvation and it was incredible.  When we talked about how in the Celestial Kingdom we can live with our families again, she didn't think about her current family (husband, kids, etc.) no she thought about her father, her grandmother, family members she can't be with right now, because they've passed away.  And then she told us this dream she had as a 10 year old.  It was incredible, it basically was about how Satan tempts people. and how through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, our sins can be atoned.  We left her with 1 Nefi 8 to read (about Lehi's dream) and we're going to talk more about either that chapter tonight, family history work, or the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Maybe all three.
Wednesday: We had some awesome lessons throughout the day with J and D and with the V family (their 2 year old prayed!  It was so cute!).  And then our 8 appointment cancelled (he thought we were coming Thursday not Wednesday) and we decided to use the time to go finding.  And so we walked around a couple streets, dropped a note off at an investigators that we hadn't seen in a while, and met this awesome girl named L.  She was walking down the street holding a couple puppies and we stopped to talk to her and she set up a return appointment!
Thursday:  We started the day out with language practice with a member of the ward, Hna P (the one we helped with the cakes).  So, hopefully my accent will be more authentic by the time I get home :).... though it might sound like i'm from Zacatecas.  Then we had amazing lessons through the day, and amazing food.  One of the lessons we had was with the C family.  We met them last week, had a short lesson and set a return appointment.  And then we came back, taught lesson 1 about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Spirit was so strong and they (the mom and daughter) both committed to a baptism date of June 12.  We have another lesson with them today so we'll see how things go.
Friday: Due to zone conference on Monday, we didn't not have district meeting.  So we meet Hermano V for lunch and followed him to meet his burrito truck friend who is also a potential investigator.  Well, burrito man was on a construction site... and so that's where we had lunch.  It was kinda weird, and we're not quite sure if we were supposed to be there, but the food is really really good.  And then sometimes things don't work out the way they're supposed to.  We had an appointment with A at 1 and our members didn't show up.  One of them doesn't drive and so we called him, and he said the other one never picked him up.  And so we're waiting outside of A's house and we finally have to go in and tell him we can't teach him.  Our other member that was going to help, went to Juarez... but sometimes, things do work our the way the Lord wants them too, because we were able to have a lesson with A later.  Oh and because we didn't have a lesson, we were able to stop by a member's house and talk to their granddaughter.  We had burned a couple of efy cds for her because she was having a hard time, and so we dropped them off and talked to her about how one day she'll be a great missionary.

 And then finally, we had our lesson with L.  She is INCREDIBLE.  We taught her and her sister Friday night, and we just taught the 10 commandments to them.  And she said she wanted to come to church, so we scheduled an appointment for Saturday so that she could meet her ride ahead of time.
Saturday: We're jumping to L's story.  So we get to our appointment and she's read!  And while we wait for our member, we go over the reading with her.  And then we have the member and we teach the first vision and the rest of lesson one.  And the spirit was incredible!  And we asked L to be baptized and she said yes.  And when we asked why, she kept telling us how she needs it so much.  She wants the Holy Ghost in her life.  It was an incredible lesson and she's such and amazing girl.  She's only 14, but you can see how much she wants to do what's right.  She had a couple friends that were bad influences and she told  us Saturday, that she was trying to avoid them, because she didn't want to be influenced by them any more.   Now, to backtrack.  We started Saturday off by helping set up a banquet for the Centauros Motorcycle Club fundraiser.  A  member of the club is a less active we've been teaching (the L Family) and the club was having a fundraiser to help the Reynolds house, or a home for battered women and children.  We volunteered to help set up, and it was fun!  We thought it was going to be inside but it actually was all set up outside, but turned out really nice.  We had a darling less active member drive us and help set up too!

Sunday: We had a missionary meeting.  So all 4 missionaries spoke in sacrament meeting and then we sang called to serve, with the congregation joining in on the 4th verse.  It was very powerful spiritually, and hopefully it will motivate the members to do more missionary work (they're already doing great though!).  Then we had studies, appointment, dinner, Spanish stake choir practice and then we went contacting. We drove by L's to just check in on how she's doing, and we saw an investigator we hadn't seen in a while.  So we stopped by and she told us that she wasn't really interested in us coming back.  We're gratefully for her honesty :)
Monday:  Planning, and then a couple lessons.  We had a lesson with the N's and E told us that she wants to wait to get baptized until after her trip.  The problem is we don't know when the trip is.  And then Ef showed up to the lesson, and the O family and we talked more about receiving answers and reading the scriptures.  Ef said he would try focus more on prayer this week to receive his answer.  And then we had an awesome dinner with a part active family.  The mom is active, but her husband isn't.  And it just really became clear throughout dinner, that he joined the church to make her and her family happy, he never gained a testimony.  So we invited him to start investigating the church, even through he's already a member, to start and grow his testimony.  And he said he'd do it!  So we're excited to go back again!

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