Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 17th

We had a cooler week this past week, it mostly stayed in the high 90's :).
So I don't really know what to write about, so I'll just highlight some awesome things that happened.
L- Our 14 year old investigator is just amazing!  We're practically seen her everyday and she's progressing.  She's come to church a couple times (and stake conference!) and she's currently on date for July 5th.  When we talked about that date with her yesterday, she seemed really uncertain, and nervous (she really wants to be baptized, but she doesn't want anyone there) but we told her that we'd keep teaching her and helping her prepare and that she doesn't have to be nervous about anything!  She even came to a baptism on Saturday and was super cute!  I spent some time trying to get her to sing, but she wouldn't, until I got up to lead the music and she started singing :).  And she said that seeing the baptism made her want to go swimming.... and get baptized :)
The C Family- they're doing amazing too!  Since K had already had most of the missionary lessons in Mexico, we were just reviewing everything and trying to prepare them to be baptized before K went into surgery, which is next week, so that baptism would have to be Saturday.  But they kept cancelling appointments so it looks like we won't be as rushed in the lessons and that we'll be planning a baptism after back surgery and after the baby is born.
The N Family- They were also able to make it to stake conference!  E told us this week that she wants to be baptized after her trip... which is sometime.  Apparently she's going on 2 trips the second being in September or sometime....  Ef said he'd focus more on praying for an answer this week.  His work scheduled picked up a ton once school got out and so it's been a little harder scheduling lessons with them, but they're still reading and progressing!
The R family- they were a referral from the English Sisters and are  INCREDIBLE!  The husband speaks English, but the wife prefers Spanish which is why we're teaching them. They have a little boy who's a year in a half and a little girl is on the way!  And they're both so eager to learn!  We have another lesson this week and are super excited to teach them. 
AM- She was another referral from the English Sisters.  We had met her once before and then decided to stop by her house to try and set up a lesson.  Well, she first told us how we are human-beings and not just humans because human-beings are part angels and they do all good stuff, while the humans, are the ones who are killing everyone.  Then she led us into her backyard (which was incredible!) and we sat and talked.  She basically told us that she doesn't need to learn any more because God just reveals it all to her.  That she hasn't read the bible because she dreams of the Psalms and therefore she doesn't need more scriptures.  She set a return appointment (which we had to change because of scheduling conflicts) but at the same time, told us that she wasn't going to learn from us, she was the teacher.  We don't quite know where it's going to go... but we'll see. :)
And just so you don't think missionary work is always easy, we had our downs this week too.  Lot's of cancelations, lots of people not progressing.  We have a couple people on baptismal dates who have dropped off the face of the earth.  And we have members who cancel, last minute, making it impossible to teach.  But the ups always outweigh the downs.  The positives always shine brighter than the negatives.  And that's life for you :)  How blessed are we to have the "opposition in all things" so that we can focus on and appreciate the positive and the wonderful things of life?  To me, that's part of true Christianity or true discipleship too.  We need to take those negative things in life and use them as an opportunity to do good, to see good or to make it all good.  And I love this video on true Christianity too :) 

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