Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 23rd

So transfer calls came Saturday night and we got the welcome news that we're staying together and we're staying in the Northeast!  Yay!  Another 6 weeks of crazy fun, wonderful miracles and just roasting in the El Paso sun!  I'm really liking the sister missionary tan right now :)
So last week.... we just had an awesome week.
L, our 14 year old investigator, is doing amazing!  We had several lessons with her last week and she's growing a little in her confidence.  She's read a little in the Book of Mormon and is understanding it.  She didn't get to come to church on Sunday because her dad came into town and took her to Juarez, but we're going to see her tomorrow and keep teaching her to help her progress for her baptism date of July 5th!
The V family!  They are just incredible.  We had a quit smoking lesson on Wednesday to help the dad quit, so that he can prepare to baptize his boys.  And it went really well.  The kids were really excited to help and put signs up all around the house and truck that say things like "Even once will hurt," "I'm no longer a smoker!" etc. 
We started teaching the son of one of our recent converts and he was incredible too!  M is just awesome... just one problem.  He speaks and understands ZERO Spanish.  So we shouldn't keep teaching him.  We set up an appointment for him to meet the English sisters,  but it fell through.  So we'll keep trying to set that up.  But we woke up the other day to a text from him telling us he had finished the reading and he wanted to know what else he should read!  So how awesome is that?!?
And then Saturday happened.  We had a great day lined up with 7 lessons planed for sure and then we planned on teaching a couple smaller lessons to new people we met.  Well, 6 of those 7 lessons cancelled, and 4 of the 4 members we had cancelled.  And with that last lesson we had to have a member because he was a single man.  And so the member who cancelled was sick and her husband said he could come and would call to find someone else come too.  Well the lesson was at 6:00 and at 5:45 we got a call saying that he couldn't find anyone.  So we called someone, who said he would come and then scheduled it out between the 2 of them.  At 6:15 the first member called to ask for directions to the other members house.  Then at 6:30 he called for directions to the investigator's house.  And then they finally showed up at 7.  Luckily for us, all our other appointments had cancelled so we didn't have to rush anywhere at 7.  We taught a short lesson and then left all the hermanos there to talk, while we went finding. 
Sunday we had a good afternoon too.  Our lesson cancelled because of the World Cup.  And just incase you're curious, it's really hard to find people outside during the World Cup.   I can't imagine having to be a missionary in Brazil right now... or Mexico either.... or any country that really really likes soccer. 
So yep, that's my week. In a nut shell.... or in a missionary email :)  This week will be an adventure because our car is in the shop again!  But this time for 3+ days.... so like a week!  So it will be an awesome time to 1) darken my sister missionary tan, 2) meet crazy people who are outside during the heat 3) excited the members in the Work of salvation!  4) get lots of exercise and drink lots of water!  And it's a great week to start off the transfer!

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