Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 23rd

If I had to summarize this week up in one word I'd probably say it's been a week of change.  Change in investigators, change in weather, change in leadership, but hey, change is AWESOME.

So to start, transfers were Tuesday.  On Monday we met as a zone to say good bye and take pictures.  Well, a zone picture never happened, but the elders did get a hold of my camera and take a ton of pictures.

  Hermana Espinoza and I stayed together and we made some awesome goals together, and so far, for this transfer we're doing our best to fulfill them.  With all the changes in missionaries, we got a new district leader, and he's great, I'll explain more later.

Changes that happened throughout the week.  We met with L (14 year-old investigator) and we were frank with her.  She really likes us coming over to talk and listen to her, but she wasn't coming to church, she wasn't reading and she wasn't praying.  And we just told her that if she didn't read, we can't come over.  Well, we then went over on Wednesday, and guess what, she had read!  

Wednesday we also had a great lesson with a new investigator.  We had met her Saturday while walking down the street and we told her a little about what we do and she invited us back.  We taught about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to pray about our message to see if it was true and then we invited her to be baptized.  And she said YES!  We're seeing her again tomorrow, so I'll let you know how it goes.

A couple weeks ago, we contacted a referral received from some other elders and set up a return lesson.  But they cancelled, and it was a cancellation at the door, knowing they were home (how?  Well, the truck was in the driveway, the tv was on inside and you could hear people).  We had gone back a couple times and it was the same situation.  But last week we decided to swing by, and the front entry way to the front door was unlocked so we could actually get to knock the door.  Well, the same thing again, noises, truck and no one answered.  But as we were leaving the through came to me to leave a note.  And I shrugged it off, and we kept walking, and then at the end of their driveway I stopped, turned to my companion and said, let's leave a note.  So we did.  Then later we got a call from the lady, asking us to come the next day.  We went, had a lesson, prayed over the house (to rid it of evil spirits) had a great spiritual lesson, invited S to be baptized and set a date with her!  Since then, we haven't seen her, but we're not going to give up yet!

And last week, was the quince for one of the yw in the ward.  And since they're less actives, we went by to see if we could help and just build a relationship with them.  Well, we were over at the B house Thursday and Friday and it was great to help... We just spent a lot of time serving last week.

Friday was district meeting again, and our new district leader talked about the Holy Ghost, and the different aspects of the Spirit, such as the gift of the holy ghost, the power of the Holy Ghost and the gifts of the spirit.  It was great to learn more and to really ponder how the Holy Ghost communicates to me, such as telling me to write that note to Staci.  I think often that I miss those little impressions because I think too much, but as Elder Bednar once said, if it's good, then stop thinking about it and do it.  Action is really everything.

Sunday we met with the bishop and his counselor.  This ward is really wonderful! The new bishop is in the process of changing around callings so everyone has 1, so that those strong members won't have so much to do, and those slightly less strong members will be given chances to strengthen their weaknesses.  We still don't have a ward mission leader, but we're working on it, and can really feel  the support from the ward. Sunday, L also came to church!  Her ride, called 11 times and rang the doorbell 5.  But her persistence worked (and maybe the bribery of chocolate chip cookies too) and L enjoyed her time there.

Yesterday we work up to a thunder storm, lightening and the phone's flood warning going off, all about 5 or 6 in the morning.  Luckily we had planning, and by the time we finished the streets were pretty dry.  Cause that's how it is here, the rains come really quickly, and then the streets flood, and then it all goes down really quickly.  Well, by 4 it was raining and flooding again 

.  So we carefully drove around, then parked the car for a little to contact a couple recent converts.  Then the water had gone down a little and we visited some members to give them Book of Mormons to write their testimony in.  Dinner was with the M family and then we met with L again.

Sunday night, the district leader always calls us for our numbers.  These are just used to make sure we're meeting goals, and actually doing missionary work.  But one think that stuck out to me this week was what Elder Hurtado asked us at the end of the call.  "Did you do your best?"  In life we don't always do everything we plan to do, or that we want to do, but the most important thing is if we do our best.  Are we doing our best at being sons and daughters of God?  Are we doing our best to serve others?  Are we doing our best to be disciples of Jesus Christ?  I know that I can always improve, that my best can always be a little better, but one day, when I get home from my mission, or one day when I finally return home to God's presence I want to be able to say yes, that I did my best.  

This week, I want you all to think about that question.  Are you doing your best, at what GOD  wants you to do, not necessary on what you want to do.  He doesn't expect us to be perfect, but He does expect us to do our best, and he will make up the rest.  I love you all and I hope you have an amazing wonderful week!  Go out and do your best!

September 15th

Since I'm emailing on a Monday, it means transfers are upon us, and here's the big news......... (drum rooooooooollllllll)..........  I'm staying HERE in Transmountain North, with Hna Espinoza!  :)  We're excited to have another great transfer together!  And we're going to blow this area out of the water- we're so ready to go to work and find all those amazingly prepared people!  

So this week, like the last couple has been different.  We're still in the finding phase because people aren't progressing towards baptism/coming to church.  We spent a lot of time street contacting and looking for people who are prepared to learn the gospel, and it's been a little harder.  We didn't teach many lessons last week, but that's all going to change because we're going to keep working hard.

But even in the slowest weeks, miracles happen :).  And one thing that I realize i have to do is when I'm feeling down is to go back and look at the miracles.  So here are some miracles from last week:

-we met some amazing people and have return appointments this coming week
-we had some amazing lessons with less active members
-I didn't die from eating too much food :) (one night a sister fed us 4 enchiladas, beans, pasta, cheesecake, and an ice cream bar.... which really isn't that much compared to some meals we get, but my stomach was not happy)
-my pizza craving was fulfilled twice :)
-we got to help a less active family prepare for their daughter's quince (nope, not with helping with a cake... this time it was decorations)
-finding out that one of my investigators in Montana Vista was baptized last week! (It was C!)
-the S's keep slowly progressing and reading!  It's always great to go to their lessons and answer all their questions!

Yep, many miracles this week :)

One thing that really stuck out to me this week was the Book of Mormon.  I just love the Book of Mormon and the knowledge that it gives us. To me, as I read the Book of Mormon and the Bible, things just become more clear, easier to understand.  As i was studying the Book of Mormon, I came across this scripture in Doctrine and Covenants, talking about the Book of Mormon.

DyC 84:54-58 
And your minds in times past have been darkened because of unbeliefand because you have treated lightly the things you have received.Which vanity and unbelief have brought the whole church under condemnation. And this condemnation resteth upon the children of Zioneven all. And they shall remaiunder this condemnation untithey repent and remember the new covenanteven the Book oMormon and the former commandments which have givethem, not only to say, but tdo according to that which I have written- That they may bring forth fruit meet for theiFather’s kingdom; otherwise there remaineth scourge and judgment to be poured out upon the children of Zion.

I think it's the same as with the Saints at that time.  We have been given the Book of Mormon and I feel like we often take it for granted.  We take lightly what we have received and how to use it.  We have the responsibility to read, study, ponder and teach the Book of Mormon.  I love the Book of Mormon and I just wanted to share that love with everyone!
One thing we started this week was inviting members of the ward to write their testimonies in copies of the Book of Mormon and then we're taking a picture and placing it with the testimony to give away to families and people we start teaching.  I learned about this through reading an old General Conference talking (President Benson from 1988- Flooding the earth with the Book of Mormon) and thought that maybe if people could see that others have a testimony and that their normal people who live in El Paso, it would help others grow their own testimony!

sept 9th

Here are some things that I've learned :)
-time is made, not found.  If we expect to find time to go to church, study our scriptures and do everything like that, we will always be too busy.  But if we have a goal, and we follow through, making time to serve at church, study the scriptures, spend time as a family, go to church, etc... we will be able to do all those things.  We have made the hard decision these last couple weeks to "drop" or stop visiting these families because they were always too busy.  As a result of this, we have dropped significantly in our number of investigators and we are spending a lot of time contacting people and finding.
-MoTab is incredible!  Last Friday, during Zone Conference, President Miller changed the mission rule about music.  Now we are only allowed to listen to hymns and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. And you'd never know how happy it makes us, it just invites the spirit so much more!  (So thank you for putting all those MoTab cds on my ipod!!)
-The Spirit of Elijah is real and touches hearts.  That's why everyone should start and do their family history

And with the discouragement of dropping investigators, and struggling to find news, one thing to always focus on is the miracles in our lives.  So here are our miracles :

-our 14 year old investigator actually read!  And not only did she read, but she said that when she opened her Book of Mormon, she randomly started reading and didn't want to stop!  
-that 14 year old's friend was in the lesson (and has been in several others), and really opened up as we started discussing 2 Nephi 31:20.  In the beginning of the lesson we offered her a Book of Mormon and she told us know, but as we talked about following Christ and staying steadfast, she asked us how to stay steadfast and we were able to testify about the Gospel and how it changes lives.  At the end of the lesson she accepted a Book of Mormon, and said she'd talk to her aunt too see if the missionaries could come visit.
-we had exchanges last week and it was incredible!  We were able to spend all afternoon contacting (because our appointments had cancelled) and we met some wonderful people!
-one of those ladies was named E, and we swung by her house yesterday to see if she wanted to learn more.  She really involved in her Christian church, but we were able to talk about family, the Priesthood and how the Priesthood allows an opportunity to raise boys and young men, to be more than men of the world.  She didn't accept a return appointment, but we left her with a Book of Mormon and we pray that she reads it to really understand better how she can bless her family.
-Also on exchanges we had a powerful lesson with the S family.  It started with us just reading in 1 Nephi, and then we talked about the organization of Christ's church, and then J had a question about if all churches are Christ's church.  That gave us an opportunity to teach the restoration again, and it was such a SPIRITUALLY POWERFUL experience.  We taught how all churches are good, but they're all different and so we really need to know about the Church Jesus Christ established.  And the only way we can receive and answer is through prayer.  
-One of our less actives, asked what he needs to go to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood to bless his baby.  And he and his wife, were willing to 1. postpone the blessing, and 2. activity talk with the bishop and work towards that goal.
-I was having a hard time focusing, and kinda have been since Sister B went home.  During Zone training, we talked about obedience, consecration, and how God really does see and understand our efforts.  At the end of the meeting i felt the impression that I needed to ask for a Priesthood blessing, and so I ask the zone leaders and they were able to give me one.  And life is just amazing :)  I love knowing and having confirmed really how much God knows us and loves us personally, and how we can truly be His servants, to bring about His work.
-Our shower stopped draining Friday morning, and we were too busy to call maintenance.  Well, by Sunday it still wasn't draining, and after Hna showered i asked her how much water was in the tub... "only a little."  Well, a little wasn't a little.  But we got our shower fixed yesterday.

- and I got a new mattress Saturday :) so life really is great :)

Life rocks!  That's what it's supposed to do. It has it's ups and downs and our responsibility is to go with it and love it all!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

september 2nd

Can you all believe that it's September already?  The year is flying by so quickly...  I Remember talking to the sisters before I came out on my mission and they said that days felt like weeks and weeks feel like days, and that's exactly how I think time feels in the mission.  Some days seem to drag on fooooooooorrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr, but when you look back at the week, it seems like it passes in a snap. 
This past week was a little different than normal because we taught a lot of less active lessons.  Due to school starting, and the heat (though it really hasn't been any hotter than the rest of the summer) not many people are outside, so finding has been low, but that's alright, we work with what we can, and watch the miracles happen.  And several of those miracles were seeing less active families back at church again!
One thing that has really stuck out to me this week as we taught a lot of less active families, is the importance of the Gospel in the home.  There is no substitute for not teaching your children- because what they're taught in church isn't going to be enough to help support them through the trials of life.    So that's one thing we've been focusing on is helping families (active and less active) become truly converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ to strengthen their families. 
One less active miracle started last Sunday.  There was a girl I didn't recognize in primary and when I asked the primary chorister she said it was the daughter of a less active family we've been trying to contact since APRIL.  Well, both children from that family was there, and the parents were too, so we had a quick opportunity to say hi.  Monday we swung by the house to see if anyone was home, and it turns out the mom just went through a schedule change at work, so she'll be home in the afternoons, and we had 2 amazing lessons with them last week!  And they came to church again!  Slowly but surely they're coming back and hopefully we can help them build a more sure foundation (Helaman 5:12) in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We had dinner with another less active family, who is also in the process of coming back to activity.  They shared with us that one thing that help was just the calls, visits and encouragement from us as missionaries but also the ward members.  The hermano in the family has a calling at church, and every time they do make it to church, the Bishop lovingly reminds him of the responsibility, helping him feel like is really is needed.  And as a missionary, I'll admit that I don't feel like we've work with this family as often as some others.  We've had 2 dinners with them, and have tried scheduling others things, that just never worked out... but even that little was enough.  And that's a lesson that I need to remember, what's little and insignificant to us can be really important to others. 
General conference is coming up soon (we are SO excited... we started a General Conference countdown in our apartment... :) ) and it marks the 2 year mark of when President Monson changed the age of missionary work!  Think about that, it was only 2 years ago... it's crazy to think what has happened so much in two years.  I remember hearing everyone's speculations on why the ages changed, and then in the MTC I heard a devotional from Elder Bednar saying to stop speculate.  The Lord changed the age for missionary work because he is hastening his work (DyC 88:73).  And as a missionary I have seen that in so many ways.  But part of the work of Salvation is from the end of just members too, and I think part of changing the age was to hasten the work by increasing the missionary force, thus one day increasing the force of return missionary leadership in the church.  It is an interesting perspective to be serving as a missionary in a ward and work with families, some that deem themselves less active, others that think they are completely active (but aren't), and others that seem completely active and converted to the church, but you slowly learn there are gaps.  Now every family and every ward is different, but it's just been such a powerful blessing to me to change and see how one day, I can be a better member, how I can be a leader and sister in the church.  How I can be a better visiting teacher.  And someday in the future, how I can be a better wife and mother to help my family become securely rooted in the Gospel.  There's much I can so now, but there is so much more in the future and it's exciting just to learn and discovery just the beginning.
I am still playing the piano in primary and it's going well.  The primary program will be in November and who knows if I'll still be here (I've been in this ward for 5 months now), but if so, I hope my piano playing skills are up to par. 
I hope you all have a fantastic week and a wonderful time at school!  Go learn lots!  And have fun while doing it. Life rocks!  That's something I learn everyday, we can make life amazing.  And one thing we have an opportunity to do this week is fast on Fast Sunday.  One thing that Hermana and I are doing is going around inviting all our members to fast and pray for missionary opportunities.  That's something I'm going to invite you all to pray and fast for too!  Fast that the Lord will open your eyes and hearts to see the needs of others and help bring them to a knowledge of the fullness of the Gospel.  Can't wait to hear about the miracles you'll all see!

august 26th

I'm going to tell you a story that started a couple weeks ago, while Sister Biancardi was still here.  One day at church we received a referral from a member in the ward, to go visit her less active family members that had just moved into the area.  We swung by the house over the next week or so, but they were never home, and we kinda put the family on the back burner.
Then the weekend before Sister B left, we were going around inviting people to the temple activity and we stopped by the G family.  And while they weren't planning on being in town, Hna G told us to go visit her less active family who just moved into the area... who happens to be the same family we had tried to visit earlier (everyone in the ward is related to each other...).  Well, since we had already tried and they weren't home we weren't real motivated to swing by their house again... but we said we would.  And then a couple hours later, we received a call from Hno G (who works out of town), asking us to visit his less active sister-in-law and her kids.  So after receiving this referral twice in one day, we decided we needed to go by, and they were home!  So we taught a quick lesson and set up a return appointment.
They weren't there for the return appointment, but we kept trying by and finally one day, we had a lesson cancel and the member out helping us was an aunt to this family, so we swung by, taught them and invited the youngest to be baptized on August 30th and she said yes!  Then due to miscommunications, out next appointment was cancelled and we didn't seen them for a whole week.  We had the opportunity of seeing them Sunday and the 10 year old (P) still wanted to be baptized. 
Well, then the following Monday, during planning we realized that if she wanted to be baptized the 30th we needed to teacher her everything, every day of the week.  So we swung by to teach, but she was busy.  And then on Tuesday (last week) her mom was talking to us and she told us that we'd have to postpone P's baptism because her uncle (who was going to baptize her) wasn't going to be in town.  So that was sad, but understandable.
Thursday we had an appointment with them, to continue helping her prepare for her baptism (with no date at this point in time) and about 2 hours before the mom calls.  I thought she was going to cancel and we were in a lesson at the time, so I told my companion not to answer.  Then we called her back afterwards and she tells us that P wants to be baptized THIS Saturday because her uncle will be in town.  So that day, instead of teaching 2 commandments like we were planning to, we taught them all.  And then on Friday, we taught all of the other lessons, she had her baptismal interview and was all set for Saturday.  The only baptismal clothes that would fit, was a really big, wrinkled, stained dress.  But thanks to bleach, borax and some sewing skills (thanks MOM!)  we were able to clean the dress and hem it up to fit, and it looked better than new!
And on Saturday she was BAPTIZED.  It was so beautiful and spiritual and she's so cute!  She wanted to be baptized because she knows that it's good, when she prayed she received and answer and she's happy at church.  It's amazing to see the beginning of someone's journey as they prepare to continue living the gospel standards.  And it's an answer to my prayers to see a miracle and know that God truly is a God of Miracles and that he loves us, answers our prayers and knows best how to help us progress. 
And now, some other things that happened this week
-Sunday morning I woke up at 2:30 and rolled over looking at Hna Espinoza- listening to her talk about the Holy Ghost.  The conversation pretty much went like this:
"Hna what are you doing?"
- "Role playing"
It's 2:30 in the morning... go back to bed"
Neither of us were really coherent to what was going on, what language was being spoke or really what happened.  But we know that she was role playing in her sleep, and was confused why I wasn't responding to anything she had said.
-we got back in contact with a couple MIA investigators 
-we helped the Relief Society organized school bags for some orphans in Juarez... i wish we could have been allowed to cross over to deliver the bags... but it was out of Zone, not to mention out of the mission and the country

And really, that was pretty much it.  Other than the miracle baptism, our week was slow... which might have been good because we were running around Thursday, Friday and Saturday to get everything ready.  Miracles exist today and sometimes we struggle to see them.  That was something I struggled with last week and I didn't really understand why.  Why we had so many wonderful people, and why we saw so many little miracles, but nothing seem to be happening, no one seemed to be progressing.  And I struggled trying to figure out why.  Then we had an amazing district meeting Friday, in which we ended listening to a clip from Elder Holland's talk, "Missionary Work and the Atonement."
I love what Elder Holland says "Anyone who does any kind of missionary work will have occasion to ask, Why is this so hard? Why doesn’t it gobetter? Why can’t our success be more rapid? Why aren’t there more people joining the Church? It is the truth. We believe in angels. We trust inmiracles. Why don’t people just flock to the font? Why isn’t the only risk in missionary work that of pneumonia from being soaking wet all dayand all night in the baptismal font?
You will have occasion to ask those questions. I have thought about this a great deal. I offer this as my personal feeling. I am convinced thatmissionary work is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience. Salvation never was easy. We are The Church of Jesus Christ, this isthe truth, and He is our Great Eternal Head. How could we believe it would be easy for us when it was never, ever easy for Him? It seems to methat missionaries and mission leaders have to spend at least a few moments in Gethsemane. Missionaries and mission leaders have to take atleast a step or two toward the summit of Calvary.
For that reason I don’t believe missionary work has ever been easy, nor that conversion is, nor that retention is, nor that continued faithfulnessis. I believe it is supposed to require some effort, something from the depths of our soul."  It was exactly what I needed to hear, and it helped me put more into perspective the trials and feelings I was having, and how Christ must have felt to do so many miracles and have so many people not believe.

august 19th

Long story short, our car stayed in the shop ALL last week.  We were supposed to get it back Thursday or Friday, but since the car had been manufactured, parts had changed (it's a 2013 can you believe that?) and so they had to do some playing around and we got the car back yesterday.  And we are so grateful that we have it back!
Tuesday- We had an awesome lesson with M.  She told us that she really wants to focus more on the bible, because she doesn't know it.  And while our primary tool for teaching (as missionaries) should be the Book of Mormon, we decided to keep teaching M and focus on the bible (we talked it over with the zone leaders and decided we'd give it a try).
Wednesday- Lot's of great member help!  A little confusion with a lesson.  We had scheduled it for Thursday and our member and the investigator thought Wednesday, so there was that confusion, but it all worked out.
Thursday-  We had set an appointment with the R family who we hadn't seen in a while, and when we get there they weren't home... but it was because Hna R just had her baby!!!!!!  How exciting!  Now we'll just wait a couple week before heading over so the family can adjust :)
Friday- We were going to go to a farewell party for a sister leaving this week, but we didn't have the car, and none of the members wanted to leave early, so we just ate in our apartment and walked to our appointment... it was a long walk... but we made it on time.  We visited with the C, and found out that they're planning on heading back to Mexico next week, which is sad, but they can continue meeting with the missionaries over there.
Saturday- Spent all day walking because we didn't really have any set appointments.  We had a great lesson with the L family though, and Hna Lo from the ward came with us and they all just got along really well :). 
Sunday- I gave a talk at church about blessings I've received while on a mission.  Then we had a great afternoon of lessons, teaching this wonderful new investigator, F.  Dinner was with J and we talked more about visiting teaching.  And then we had another awesome lesson with the L family, and then a great lesson with the Ra family.  Pa Ra wants to be baptized and she wants to be baptized as soon as possible, so basically we're going to try and teacher her everything between now and next Saturday.... working around the schedule of her mom and her aunts so that everyone can be at the lessons.
Monday- We got our car back :) And had awesome lessons with the C's, Y and the M family.  I just love the M family and wanted the best for them.  I think i say this every week, but it's just wonderful going over and seeing Ja grow his testimony and seeing the change in the family.  Someday, in his own time, he will go to the temple and be sealed to his family and it will be incredible! 

august 12th

This past week went really well!  My new companion is Hna Espinoza, she has been on the mission for about 7 weeks now :) (so... MTC or CCM and then our one week together) and that makes me her Trainer!  That means I'll take the lead in teaching situations, but slowly back off so that she can learn how to teach/be a missionary!  Training means we have an extra hour of companionship studying in the mornings so we don't leave the apartment until 1, but so far it's been going great!  She's from Fresno California, and has been a member of the church for 2 years :)

Tuesday:  The week started off with transfers and we were able to get a 4ish generation picture.  In mission lingo, the person to trains you becomes your parent.  So Sister Callaway was my mom, and I'm Hna Espinoza's mom.  And so at the transfer site, my "grandma" was there and we were able to take a generations picture (minus Sister Callaway, she's up north still)   We had dinner with the M family and they are doing incredible!  It's amazing how much change can come to a family when they are actively trying to invite the Spirit into their home.  Then we swung by the church to see the bishop, but he was busy, and then we went to a lesson with the B family and they are doing amazing!  We were able to teach about the Book of Mormon and invite them to read and study it.  The family has such a sweet spirit in their home and they are just so eager to learn.
Wednesday:  One thing about missionary work is being flexible and that's what happened Friday.  We had members cancel and so we had to cancel some appointments, but we were able to have a lesson with an investigator we hadn't seen in a while.  And while we were reading with her, she pulled out her notebook and started writing down all her questions!  We're seeing her again tonight, so we'll let you know how it goes!
Thursday: There were 2 highlights to Thursday this week.  One was when we were driving around with Hna S.  Her baby wasn't feeling well and started to cry and nothing was calming him down.  So she started to sing primary songs to him and he stopped crying and the Spirit was so Strong!  It's amazing the influence of a righteous mother, who loves the Gospel and tries to actively bring it into the home!  (thanks Mom!  For your example too!)  And then Thursday night we were able to teach the B's again.  But this time, just the oldest daughter was home and we answered her questions and just talked about temples.  She loved all of it, and we even pulled up the pictures of the new Ogden temple (  The Spirit was strong, she felt the Spirit and she just ate it all up, wanted to know more about temples and everything.  So after we left, her mom came home, and she told her mom everything we had just taught her and they spent all night looking up temples and other stuff on the church website.
Friday:  We met with the B family again!  And this time we reviewed a little of the temples but taught the Plan of Salvation, so it all made more since.  They loved it all, and we invited the whole family to be baptized!  They said, yes, someday as they receive more an answer and learn more, which is alright!  They are progressing so much and really just love learning about everything!
Saturday:  We spent a lot of time contacting but we got back in contact with some investigators who had missed an appointment.  And we were able to have  a lesson with one of our less actives, which was really good too.  Lot's of drama in that family, but it will all work out.
Sunday: We had an awesome lesson with Hno V, we watched the Prophet of the Restoration movie with him (the hour long one) and at the end of the movie he lifted his fist towards the screen of the TV and shouted "BRAVO!"  He really felt the Spirit and we talked afterwards about how he knows that Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet of God.  Hermano has asked God in his prayers and he knows that the Church is true, that we have prophets called of God and that he wants to be baptized, he just isn't allowed to come to church.  So we're still waiting patiently on that.
Monday: Awesome dinner with the M family again!  Our plan was to review the plan of Salvation and have the kids help us chalk it out, but we ended up just answering all of the husband's questions, which lead us into teaching the Restoration again!  They're such a great family and like I said, it's been amazing to see the change in their lives due to the Gospel.  And then guess who we visited again!  The B family!  This time the grandma was one from Mexico and we were able to answer all her questions.  Her family had been so excited about what they had been learning they just told her everything, and she ended up a little confused.  But we were able to sort things out, teach and help her feel the Spirit too!  She's incredible and had so many wonderful questions!  To answer one of her questions we pulled out Moroni 10:4-5 and she just kept reading and asking questions about what she was reading, and talking about how what she was reading what exactly the answer to other questions.  And then her 19 year old investigator granddaughter, was also answering her questions.  THE SPIRIT WAS SO AMAZING! I just love missionary work :).