Sunday, September 7, 2014

august 12th

This past week went really well!  My new companion is Hna Espinoza, she has been on the mission for about 7 weeks now :) (so... MTC or CCM and then our one week together) and that makes me her Trainer!  That means I'll take the lead in teaching situations, but slowly back off so that she can learn how to teach/be a missionary!  Training means we have an extra hour of companionship studying in the mornings so we don't leave the apartment until 1, but so far it's been going great!  She's from Fresno California, and has been a member of the church for 2 years :)

Tuesday:  The week started off with transfers and we were able to get a 4ish generation picture.  In mission lingo, the person to trains you becomes your parent.  So Sister Callaway was my mom, and I'm Hna Espinoza's mom.  And so at the transfer site, my "grandma" was there and we were able to take a generations picture (minus Sister Callaway, she's up north still)   We had dinner with the M family and they are doing incredible!  It's amazing how much change can come to a family when they are actively trying to invite the Spirit into their home.  Then we swung by the church to see the bishop, but he was busy, and then we went to a lesson with the B family and they are doing amazing!  We were able to teach about the Book of Mormon and invite them to read and study it.  The family has such a sweet spirit in their home and they are just so eager to learn.
Wednesday:  One thing about missionary work is being flexible and that's what happened Friday.  We had members cancel and so we had to cancel some appointments, but we were able to have a lesson with an investigator we hadn't seen in a while.  And while we were reading with her, she pulled out her notebook and started writing down all her questions!  We're seeing her again tonight, so we'll let you know how it goes!
Thursday: There were 2 highlights to Thursday this week.  One was when we were driving around with Hna S.  Her baby wasn't feeling well and started to cry and nothing was calming him down.  So she started to sing primary songs to him and he stopped crying and the Spirit was so Strong!  It's amazing the influence of a righteous mother, who loves the Gospel and tries to actively bring it into the home!  (thanks Mom!  For your example too!)  And then Thursday night we were able to teach the B's again.  But this time, just the oldest daughter was home and we answered her questions and just talked about temples.  She loved all of it, and we even pulled up the pictures of the new Ogden temple (  The Spirit was strong, she felt the Spirit and she just ate it all up, wanted to know more about temples and everything.  So after we left, her mom came home, and she told her mom everything we had just taught her and they spent all night looking up temples and other stuff on the church website.
Friday:  We met with the B family again!  And this time we reviewed a little of the temples but taught the Plan of Salvation, so it all made more since.  They loved it all, and we invited the whole family to be baptized!  They said, yes, someday as they receive more an answer and learn more, which is alright!  They are progressing so much and really just love learning about everything!
Saturday:  We spent a lot of time contacting but we got back in contact with some investigators who had missed an appointment.  And we were able to have  a lesson with one of our less actives, which was really good too.  Lot's of drama in that family, but it will all work out.
Sunday: We had an awesome lesson with Hno V, we watched the Prophet of the Restoration movie with him (the hour long one) and at the end of the movie he lifted his fist towards the screen of the TV and shouted "BRAVO!"  He really felt the Spirit and we talked afterwards about how he knows that Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet of God.  Hermano has asked God in his prayers and he knows that the Church is true, that we have prophets called of God and that he wants to be baptized, he just isn't allowed to come to church.  So we're still waiting patiently on that.
Monday: Awesome dinner with the M family again!  Our plan was to review the plan of Salvation and have the kids help us chalk it out, but we ended up just answering all of the husband's questions, which lead us into teaching the Restoration again!  They're such a great family and like I said, it's been amazing to see the change in their lives due to the Gospel.  And then guess who we visited again!  The B family!  This time the grandma was one from Mexico and we were able to answer all her questions.  Her family had been so excited about what they had been learning they just told her everything, and she ended up a little confused.  But we were able to sort things out, teach and help her feel the Spirit too!  She's incredible and had so many wonderful questions!  To answer one of her questions we pulled out Moroni 10:4-5 and she just kept reading and asking questions about what she was reading, and talking about how what she was reading what exactly the answer to other questions.  And then her 19 year old investigator granddaughter, was also answering her questions.  THE SPIRIT WAS SO AMAZING! I just love missionary work :).

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