Sunday, September 7, 2014

august 19th

Long story short, our car stayed in the shop ALL last week.  We were supposed to get it back Thursday or Friday, but since the car had been manufactured, parts had changed (it's a 2013 can you believe that?) and so they had to do some playing around and we got the car back yesterday.  And we are so grateful that we have it back!
Tuesday- We had an awesome lesson with M.  She told us that she really wants to focus more on the bible, because she doesn't know it.  And while our primary tool for teaching (as missionaries) should be the Book of Mormon, we decided to keep teaching M and focus on the bible (we talked it over with the zone leaders and decided we'd give it a try).
Wednesday- Lot's of great member help!  A little confusion with a lesson.  We had scheduled it for Thursday and our member and the investigator thought Wednesday, so there was that confusion, but it all worked out.
Thursday-  We had set an appointment with the R family who we hadn't seen in a while, and when we get there they weren't home... but it was because Hna R just had her baby!!!!!!  How exciting!  Now we'll just wait a couple week before heading over so the family can adjust :)
Friday- We were going to go to a farewell party for a sister leaving this week, but we didn't have the car, and none of the members wanted to leave early, so we just ate in our apartment and walked to our appointment... it was a long walk... but we made it on time.  We visited with the C, and found out that they're planning on heading back to Mexico next week, which is sad, but they can continue meeting with the missionaries over there.
Saturday- Spent all day walking because we didn't really have any set appointments.  We had a great lesson with the L family though, and Hna Lo from the ward came with us and they all just got along really well :). 
Sunday- I gave a talk at church about blessings I've received while on a mission.  Then we had a great afternoon of lessons, teaching this wonderful new investigator, F.  Dinner was with J and we talked more about visiting teaching.  And then we had another awesome lesson with the L family, and then a great lesson with the Ra family.  Pa Ra wants to be baptized and she wants to be baptized as soon as possible, so basically we're going to try and teacher her everything between now and next Saturday.... working around the schedule of her mom and her aunts so that everyone can be at the lessons.
Monday- We got our car back :) And had awesome lessons with the C's, Y and the M family.  I just love the M family and wanted the best for them.  I think i say this every week, but it's just wonderful going over and seeing Ja grow his testimony and seeing the change in the family.  Someday, in his own time, he will go to the temple and be sealed to his family and it will be incredible! 

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