Sunday, September 28, 2014

sept 9th

Here are some things that I've learned :)
-time is made, not found.  If we expect to find time to go to church, study our scriptures and do everything like that, we will always be too busy.  But if we have a goal, and we follow through, making time to serve at church, study the scriptures, spend time as a family, go to church, etc... we will be able to do all those things.  We have made the hard decision these last couple weeks to "drop" or stop visiting these families because they were always too busy.  As a result of this, we have dropped significantly in our number of investigators and we are spending a lot of time contacting people and finding.
-MoTab is incredible!  Last Friday, during Zone Conference, President Miller changed the mission rule about music.  Now we are only allowed to listen to hymns and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. And you'd never know how happy it makes us, it just invites the spirit so much more!  (So thank you for putting all those MoTab cds on my ipod!!)
-The Spirit of Elijah is real and touches hearts.  That's why everyone should start and do their family history

And with the discouragement of dropping investigators, and struggling to find news, one thing to always focus on is the miracles in our lives.  So here are our miracles :

-our 14 year old investigator actually read!  And not only did she read, but she said that when she opened her Book of Mormon, she randomly started reading and didn't want to stop!  
-that 14 year old's friend was in the lesson (and has been in several others), and really opened up as we started discussing 2 Nephi 31:20.  In the beginning of the lesson we offered her a Book of Mormon and she told us know, but as we talked about following Christ and staying steadfast, she asked us how to stay steadfast and we were able to testify about the Gospel and how it changes lives.  At the end of the lesson she accepted a Book of Mormon, and said she'd talk to her aunt too see if the missionaries could come visit.
-we had exchanges last week and it was incredible!  We were able to spend all afternoon contacting (because our appointments had cancelled) and we met some wonderful people!
-one of those ladies was named E, and we swung by her house yesterday to see if she wanted to learn more.  She really involved in her Christian church, but we were able to talk about family, the Priesthood and how the Priesthood allows an opportunity to raise boys and young men, to be more than men of the world.  She didn't accept a return appointment, but we left her with a Book of Mormon and we pray that she reads it to really understand better how she can bless her family.
-Also on exchanges we had a powerful lesson with the S family.  It started with us just reading in 1 Nephi, and then we talked about the organization of Christ's church, and then J had a question about if all churches are Christ's church.  That gave us an opportunity to teach the restoration again, and it was such a SPIRITUALLY POWERFUL experience.  We taught how all churches are good, but they're all different and so we really need to know about the Church Jesus Christ established.  And the only way we can receive and answer is through prayer.  
-One of our less actives, asked what he needs to go to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood to bless his baby.  And he and his wife, were willing to 1. postpone the blessing, and 2. activity talk with the bishop and work towards that goal.
-I was having a hard time focusing, and kinda have been since Sister B went home.  During Zone training, we talked about obedience, consecration, and how God really does see and understand our efforts.  At the end of the meeting i felt the impression that I needed to ask for a Priesthood blessing, and so I ask the zone leaders and they were able to give me one.  And life is just amazing :)  I love knowing and having confirmed really how much God knows us and loves us personally, and how we can truly be His servants, to bring about His work.
-Our shower stopped draining Friday morning, and we were too busy to call maintenance.  Well, by Sunday it still wasn't draining, and after Hna showered i asked her how much water was in the tub... "only a little."  Well, a little wasn't a little.  But we got our shower fixed yesterday.

- and I got a new mattress Saturday :) so life really is great :)

Life rocks!  That's what it's supposed to do. It has it's ups and downs and our responsibility is to go with it and love it all!

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