Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 23rd

If I had to summarize this week up in one word I'd probably say it's been a week of change.  Change in investigators, change in weather, change in leadership, but hey, change is AWESOME.

So to start, transfers were Tuesday.  On Monday we met as a zone to say good bye and take pictures.  Well, a zone picture never happened, but the elders did get a hold of my camera and take a ton of pictures.

  Hermana Espinoza and I stayed together and we made some awesome goals together, and so far, for this transfer we're doing our best to fulfill them.  With all the changes in missionaries, we got a new district leader, and he's great, I'll explain more later.

Changes that happened throughout the week.  We met with L (14 year-old investigator) and we were frank with her.  She really likes us coming over to talk and listen to her, but she wasn't coming to church, she wasn't reading and she wasn't praying.  And we just told her that if she didn't read, we can't come over.  Well, we then went over on Wednesday, and guess what, she had read!  

Wednesday we also had a great lesson with a new investigator.  We had met her Saturday while walking down the street and we told her a little about what we do and she invited us back.  We taught about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to pray about our message to see if it was true and then we invited her to be baptized.  And she said YES!  We're seeing her again tomorrow, so I'll let you know how it goes.

A couple weeks ago, we contacted a referral received from some other elders and set up a return lesson.  But they cancelled, and it was a cancellation at the door, knowing they were home (how?  Well, the truck was in the driveway, the tv was on inside and you could hear people).  We had gone back a couple times and it was the same situation.  But last week we decided to swing by, and the front entry way to the front door was unlocked so we could actually get to knock the door.  Well, the same thing again, noises, truck and no one answered.  But as we were leaving the through came to me to leave a note.  And I shrugged it off, and we kept walking, and then at the end of their driveway I stopped, turned to my companion and said, let's leave a note.  So we did.  Then later we got a call from the lady, asking us to come the next day.  We went, had a lesson, prayed over the house (to rid it of evil spirits) had a great spiritual lesson, invited S to be baptized and set a date with her!  Since then, we haven't seen her, but we're not going to give up yet!

And last week, was the quince for one of the yw in the ward.  And since they're less actives, we went by to see if we could help and just build a relationship with them.  Well, we were over at the B house Thursday and Friday and it was great to help... We just spent a lot of time serving last week.

Friday was district meeting again, and our new district leader talked about the Holy Ghost, and the different aspects of the Spirit, such as the gift of the holy ghost, the power of the Holy Ghost and the gifts of the spirit.  It was great to learn more and to really ponder how the Holy Ghost communicates to me, such as telling me to write that note to Staci.  I think often that I miss those little impressions because I think too much, but as Elder Bednar once said, if it's good, then stop thinking about it and do it.  Action is really everything.

Sunday we met with the bishop and his counselor.  This ward is really wonderful! The new bishop is in the process of changing around callings so everyone has 1, so that those strong members won't have so much to do, and those slightly less strong members will be given chances to strengthen their weaknesses.  We still don't have a ward mission leader, but we're working on it, and can really feel  the support from the ward. Sunday, L also came to church!  Her ride, called 11 times and rang the doorbell 5.  But her persistence worked (and maybe the bribery of chocolate chip cookies too) and L enjoyed her time there.

Yesterday we work up to a thunder storm, lightening and the phone's flood warning going off, all about 5 or 6 in the morning.  Luckily we had planning, and by the time we finished the streets were pretty dry.  Cause that's how it is here, the rains come really quickly, and then the streets flood, and then it all goes down really quickly.  Well, by 4 it was raining and flooding again 

.  So we carefully drove around, then parked the car for a little to contact a couple recent converts.  Then the water had gone down a little and we visited some members to give them Book of Mormons to write their testimony in.  Dinner was with the M family and then we met with L again.

Sunday night, the district leader always calls us for our numbers.  These are just used to make sure we're meeting goals, and actually doing missionary work.  But one think that stuck out to me this week was what Elder Hurtado asked us at the end of the call.  "Did you do your best?"  In life we don't always do everything we plan to do, or that we want to do, but the most important thing is if we do our best.  Are we doing our best at being sons and daughters of God?  Are we doing our best to serve others?  Are we doing our best to be disciples of Jesus Christ?  I know that I can always improve, that my best can always be a little better, but one day, when I get home from my mission, or one day when I finally return home to God's presence I want to be able to say yes, that I did my best.  

This week, I want you all to think about that question.  Are you doing your best, at what GOD  wants you to do, not necessary on what you want to do.  He doesn't expect us to be perfect, but He does expect us to do our best, and he will make up the rest.  I love you all and I hope you have an amazing wonderful week!  Go out and do your best!

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