Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 21st

So this week has been super awesome and i have like no time to write today because we are SUPER busy.  But that's life for you!

Miracle of last week probably had to be V.  He is amazing.  We received his information from the english sisters in the area and we went to visit him Thursday night.  When we knocked the door and said he were looking for V, he invited us in and was so eager to start listening to us.  We went and sat down and started teaching right away!  We asked if any of his other family members wanted to listen, and he invited his wife and daughters 
-"Who wants to come hear the word of God?"  and when no one else had any interested this was his response
-"Well one day when he comes you will wish you had listened to the word of God!"  

He's Catholic but nonpracticing and he was confused about some of their beliefs.  But he is so eager to learn and progress.  And we went back Friday and taught more and it was just incredible! 

Saturday night our ward had a PARTY!  And it was the best mexican party i've been at my whole mission!  The sad part was that it was a dance and being missionaries we couldn't dance, but it was SO MUCH FUN seeing everyone else and just being part of the same energy.  I know one of the sisters was taking pictures for facebook, hopefully you saw some of them :)

And today, as a zone we decided to go on a hike to Mammoth butte.  We started at 11:15ish and finished around 2?  But it was awesome... I really hard hike, but definitely worth everything because of the view.  Just like life actually!  Sometimes we have really hard times in life and every time we look up, life just seems to keep getting steeper and steeper, with more and more rocks.  But we know that we have a Loving Heavenly Father who is watching over all of us, and can see the grand design, instead of just the mountain!  I invite you to think of the mountains in your life this week and ponder on the "what can l learn?"  instead of the "whys?"

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