Monday, October 20, 2014

october 7th

So remember how last Monday I went to the temple.  Wow, was that really a week ago?  Well, we have more pictures from that trip :) (thanks to one of the elders).  

Well, due to that temple trip, and then a shortened p-day last week was really long.  All we wanted to do, was go back to the temple and stay there.  But that wasn't an option and therefore, we continued forward, counting down the days to General Conference.  

We spent a lot of time last week doing a couple of things.  1) Finding new investigators, 2) Reminding ward members about general conference 3) trying to get in contact with current investigators.  So that's pretty much what we did all week.  

Friday we had a wonderful zone meetings in which we talked about something.... let me pondering what we talked about for a moment.........  we talked about resources we have and using them (such as members, Preach My Gospel, etc.).  It was really good ( I promise I wrote notes to review... it was a long weekend....) and there's lots of things that we can apply into our teachings/studies to help us improve as missionaries .

And then Saturday happened!  All week I hadn't been feeling well, Thursday was allergies, Friday a head cold and Saturday I woke up feeling sick.  But it was General Conference and i was determined not to miss it.  Until I started throwing up, and realized I had the stomach flu.  So I went back to bed (miserable by the way.... not because I was throwing up, but because we were missing Conference).  In between sessions, the elders in our ward, and zone leaders came over and gave me a blessing.  The afternoon was spent sleeping, studying and watching basically every movie we own in our apartment (ie The Joseph Smith restoration movie (hour long one), Mountain of the Lord, Legacy, the Testaments, the District, etc.).

Sunday we went to the Church to watch conference.  We watched it in English, through had wished that during Elder Martinez's talk we had gone to listen to it in Spanish since that was the language it was written in.  But we had a couple investigators at conference (2 on Saturday and 1 Sunday) and we decided just to watch it in English.  And from what I saw of Conference, I LOVED IT!  (I'm listening to Saturday Morning right now...)  It is so incredible to know that we have a living prophet who guides the church.  I love how in conference, no one is assigned a topic, but how it's all chosen by revelation, and thus when talk topics overlap, it's because that's what God wants us to hear!  We are so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to listen/watch General conference twice a year, and to be able to have modern applicable scriptures in our lives!

Yesterday was zone conference, in which President Miller, came down and we had lots of trainings and learned a lot.  Our whole focus was on using time more efficiently as missionaries to fulfill our purpose.  And do you want to know the best part?  we got to watch MEET THE MORMONS!!!!!!  Since it's coming out in theaters this week, President showed it to us, because we're not allowed to see it in theaters (part of it is kinda missionary distracting, so that's why we're only allowed to watch it once).  But it is incredible!  YOU ALL SHOULD WATCH IT.  It was cute, informative, spiritual, touching, and it just makes you laugh and smile.  So visit and find local theaters that are showing it!  And then take all your friends (and family members... and then share Elder Bednar's talk)!

Every day I'm getting better (health wise).  I was supposed to get a flu shot at zone conference, but that didn't happen ;).  I just want to let you all know that I love being a missionary, even with all the challenges we face daily.  I love knowing that we have a living Prophet and that I am part of a missionary force 88 thousand strong.  But I also love knowing that my Heavenly Father knows me personally and He cares about me personally.  He knows exactly what I'm going through and how to help me, for some reason I wasn't supposed to see conference on Saturday, but that's alright.  For some reason we're struggling to teach/find, but that's alright.  Through faith in Jesus Christ, and then action upon that faith, anything is possible!

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