Monday, October 20, 2014

september 30th

So probably the most interesting that we did last week was go to the temple, oh and the Women's broadcast (I almost forgot about that).  The rest of the week was long, tiring and slow.  But I guess that's what you expect when you have the temple trip to look forward too.
We spent a lot of time finding people to teach, but we haven't had very much success.  So we're praying and pondering on what we can do to reach out to more people and invite more people to act and learn more about Jesus Christ.  Luckily, conference is this weekend and it's going to be AMAZING.  And then to make this week even better, we are having ZONE CONFERENCE on Monday.  So it's a weekend full of Conferences.
Friday we had district meeting, and guess who was there!  Sister Callaway!  She was called as a Sister Training leader down south and so we got to see each other again! 

Saturday was the women's broadcast!!!!! While none of our investigators went, there were a couple less actives there and I am very content with the number of sisters who went (especially the one who realized how it important it was, and since her husband works out of town, brought all 4 of her children :) ).  It was just incredible to hear the words of our inspired leaders and to receive answers to questions I had been pondering.  These past couple weeks leading up to conference we have been inviting everyone to write down their questions.  While, I myself have been slacking and have not written any questions, but I know that the Lord knows me personally because I still received answers to the questions I was pondering.
And then yesterday.  It's a 4 hour drive to and from the temple, but let me tell you, it was worth every minute of it.  After yesterday, I am so grateful that at home (and then when I go back to school) I'll be within 10 minutes of a temple.  I definitely know that I took that for granted before my mission and it took 5 months of not being able to go that helped me realize how wonderful the temple really is.  With the stresses of everyday life, and then the stresses of missionary life and worrying about your investigators and then everything else under the sun (sometimes that's how it feels) it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders the longer I was in the temple.  The love that heavenly Father has for me, and everyone was reconfirmed and I just want to go back so badly! 

Then we started home to El Paso.  (haha home... :) for now at least).  And we had almost made it to Las Cruces when bang!  The tire went out.  But luckily there were several miracles.  1. No one else was around us when it happened and we were able to pull to the side of the road, and fix the tire.  2.  Brother Bishop was able to fix it all relatively quickly.  3. It wasn't raining, and the lighting that we saw over El Paso, stayed over El paso.  4.  Everyone had been wearing seatbelts (mine had problems earlier in the trip, but was working fine when the tire went flat).  And so currently I'm 2 for 2 on temple trips and tire problems.  And everyone decided that I'm cursed and so, for the next temple trip I better be serving in an area closer to ABQ or else I'll send up 3 for 3. 

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