Monday, November 10, 2014

November 4th

We reached transfers on Tuesday and waited a really really long time for the transfer van to come down and I was assigned to be companions with Hna Callaway again!!!!!  And the transmountain sisters became a trio (how fun is that!) So excited to be with Hna Callaway, it was such an awesome 2 transfers we had before (at the beginning of my mission) and we're going to have a rocking 1 transfer together (she goes home in December!).  So far we've hit the ground running because I just have 6 weeks to learn EVERYTHING about this area. 
Tuesday we had a Halloween party (#2 for me!) and I was able to meet a lot of the ward members.  While I met them, I'm not sure if I can remember all of them.... so we're still working on that.  We had some awesome investigators come to the party and we really tried to help the members fellowship these investigators so that they would feel more comfortable coming on a Sunday.
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were spent contact investigators, OYMing on the streets, visiting members and just trying to learn the area (driving around has really helped me pick up the area.  And I am soooo grateful for the since of direction given to me by my parents and God :) ).  Sunday we go to church and a member of the bishopric asks me if I can play the piano... and so I tell him a little, and the next thing I know is that I'm playing the prelude hymn, and the opening hymn.  And then the piano player comes and he plays the rest.  And as church goes on, I play for relief society, and I volunteered to play for primary next week too.  So, I'm hoping that practice will help and that eventually I can play something well enough for the ward to sing too... but until they, we can keep trying.  And I'm all for developing talents (and I SOOOO regret quitting piano in 11th grade...)
We saw a beautiful miracle on Sunday night.  We had contacted a former investigator on Saturday and she said that we could come back Sunday for a lesson.  And during the lesson we were talking about her expectations and our expectations and really just testifying how the Gospel of Jesus Christ could bless her family and it would not confuse her children.  And as Hna Callaway just kept testifying about the blessing it will bring this investigator starts to cry.  She kept telling us that she had already been told this by Hna Callaway before, but she had never seen her or met her... so it was clearly a miracle and no coincidence that we were there.  We have another lesson with her this week and we're going to see what we can do to help this tender family. 
Funny stories of the week:
1. We received a referral from a member in one of the English wards to come teach her housekeeper.  The lesson was a little longer than planned, and very spiritual, but we ended in trying to find the correct ward for the housekeeper to go to (she lives in Juarez).  So we found the address, found directions from her house to the building and told her that 2 congregations worshipped there, and gave her the names of the different wards.  Well, in Spanish ward is barrio, but it also means a very rough part of town, relating to gangs and cholos (or gangsters).  So when she saw barrio, she started freaking out, saying that she thought we were nice people, but that she had wasted her time in learning and getting information about the church.... it took us some time, but we were able to get her calmed down and to understand that barrio in this sense just meant congregation. 
2.  We are in the process of decluttering our apartment by getting rid of old church magazines and other things that are old or don't work.  So today we threw out an old shower curtain and an old blender, and in the process of throwing away the blender, Hna Callaway also threw away her scriptures!  Ooops.... luckily the dumpster was pretty empty and there was no real gross things inside, so she climbed in and got her scriptures (and made sure I took pictures!  Enjoy!)

It's been quite an adventure for me to start serving in my 3rd area as a missionary.  Sometimes I really miss Transmountain, but then again, it's only been a week, and I'm learning to love the members and the people here!  I have come to the conclusion on my mission the change is really good, it helps us grow and progress and really helps us become better people and who God wants us to become.  Without change we would become stagnant and nothing good ever comes of that.  I love being able to teach and study the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that I can help others bring change into their lives, but also so that I can more fully implement change in my life!  I just being able to apply the atonement to me, but see the growth in others as they learn too!
Have a wonderful week and enjoy winter/fall!  We have finally been getting fall like weather here so instead of having 70-90 degree days we've been having some rain, wind, clouds and the temperature has been staying around 60-70 degrees!  You all are incredible!  Rock on!

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