Monday, November 10, 2014

October 27th

 So since today is transfer Monday, and I have news.... I am leaving Transmountain North :(.  It is a very bittersweet moment because I have been here for almost 7 months, so I knew it would be coming, but nevertheless it is very heartbreaking to leave so many people to whom I've grown to love!

Yesterday was a hard day at church.  In the beginning they didn't announce that I was leaving and so I just thought that I could stay some more ;).  But then the bishopric told the ward that I was leaving and I was able to bear my testimony one last time to those incredible members.  

Last week was really good, for lack of better words.  We saw lots of miracles and I was given lots of opportunities to rely on the Lord, stretch and grow.

We worked diligently this week to have members out with us in our lessons.  And not just any member, but members who would help our investigators and less actives progress.  Sometimes, things work out really well, sometimes you go with the flow and sometimes you wing it.  We had all of those things this week.  But we were able to have great lessons with our investigators especially L and V.  We continued teaching L about thoughts leading to actions, and so good thoughts lead to positive actions.  We also worked on personal progress with L.  Our lessons with V really focused on answering all his questions and helping him continue reading the Book of Mormon.  It's so great to see his progress and his desire to keep learning more.

So some adventures we went through this week:  well the biggest one I can think of has been working with members.  We had a dinner with a member family last Sunday and set up a time (that worked best for their schedule) to come out with us this week.  That morning, we reminded them about the appointment, and they responded (after about 2 texts later) saying they could come! And then half and hour later cancelled on us because they had to be home to supervise cement being poured.... which would have been all find and dandy- excect they had already said yes, and the lesson was at 8PM.  I'll admit i was really really frustrated.  Especially since the same thing has happened before, and without someone at the lesson we couldn't teach.  And so after calming down and laying on our apartment floor (it was dinner time) we sent a text back saying we understood that things happen, but that we were really depending on them, and if they would either come or find someone else to come with us, we'd really appreciate that.  Guess what!  They came!  And the lesson was incredible.  

Saturday night came transfer calls.  The first call we got was from the elders at 9:15 which is very early for transfer calls.  The called us saying that they already had transfer news and it was really really bad.... and so we were all freaking out.  And then they wanted to know if we had directions to a member's house for their dinner the next night... those jerks.  And then about 9:30 the call came from President Miller calling me to become a sister training leader (so basically like a sister zone leader- so I help with exchanges and issues with the sisters in the zone).  And then about 9:45 we got the actual transfer news... with me leaving (but staying in EL PASO!) and Hna Espinoza staying in the area!  So lots on new and changes.  And i'm not going to lie, I'm terrified.  But this week I had the chance to study past conference talks and they were amazing and comforting for what was to come.  The Lord knows us individually and how to help us.

I know that we are all Children of a loving Heavenly Father who wants to help us daily.  We have to do our part, but when we do our best, we can always succeed, especially with the help of the Lord.  When we look for those daily miracles we will find them, and I love how the hand of the Lord is always in our lives!

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