Sunday, December 7, 2014

December 2nd

So, great things happened last week.  Sometimes it doesn't seem like much happened, and then other times a ton happened.  So it was a really really good week.  Especially with Thanksgiving.
Wednesday night we had an amazing miracle!  Before I came to this area, the sisters were teaching two young boys.  Well, as we went to try and teach them, we realized that one was hiding from us.  And then in our final attempt to teach them, the family said he had moved to Chicago.  But they (as in his cousins) set up a return appointment for us.  And then were sleeping when we came.  BUT, when we went back the second time, and they were there and had a little time for a lesson and it was INCREDIBLE.  We haven't been able to go back, but we're going to keep trying because they have just been so prepared in these last couple weeks!
Thursday was THANKSGIVING.  El Paso has the cool tradition of doing a parade every year.  And the church as teamed up with the coordinator peoples and the different wards are given streets to clean as a community service to the community.  So, since we were helping in the clean up process we were also given permission to go to the parade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  And yes it deserves 45 exclamation points because it was so awesome!  So we saw the parade, clean up afterwards and then ate a ton.

Friday started the "He is the Gift" (el es la Dadiva in Spanish.) I hope you all have seen the video.  If not, please go watch it, and then share it, and then watch it again.  I think I've seen it 10+ times already (in English and Spanish) and it just gets better every time!

Saturday we had a baptism!!!  I don't think I've told you about A, but basically he was amazing.  He's grown up in a part member family and never had permission to be baptized until October.  And since then he had surgery, had all the missionary lesson and was finally baptized!  He's brother is currently serving in Canada and was given permission to Skype in to the baptism and gave the talk on baptism!  (SuPeR cool, totally not expected).  But teaching A as just amazing because he's grown up going to church and so he knew everything already, and basically we would learn new things every time we went over to teach him.  The whole week went smoothly in baptism prep until Saturday morning, when the key to the baptismal clothes wouldn't work, the bishop showed up on time, then went home and was 20 minutes late, the baptism went 20 minutes late, pushing the baptism afterwards later (which we had found out about THAT morning... ), and they had started to drain the font (but that stopped when we realized it was draining and I climbed in to stop it again... luckily the later baptism was for an 8 year old so it didn't need to be super deep).  But it all worked out.  A was baptized and then confirmed yesterday.  And his family was SO HAPPY!

Sunday night we contacted this lady while she was outside washing her car.  Well, actually her 3 year old, fell and scraped his elbow and was screaming, and so we made him a frog out of a card, and then we made his 6 year old brother a card, and we invited her to the nativities activity this weekend, and she said that her husband really doesn't like Mormons, but she doesn't know why because he's never visited with them before, so she invited us over to teach her.  And yesterday we taught her and she is just so prepared and amazing!   She's willing to pray and read and just wants to feel the love of God more in her life and to help her 4 children!  She was a MIRACLE!
So this week I started studying hope.  About a week ago, President at Zone Conference challenged us to study the Preach My Gospel Christlike attributes and to apply them to our lives in a 9 week challenge.  So I'm currently on week 2 which is hope.  I love the scripture in 1 Peter 3:15 that instructs us to "be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you."  We have the Gospel of Jesus Christ and with this we have the hope of many things.  We have hope in the Atonement, in the Priesthood, in the Plan of Salvation.  We need not fear nor worry in these crazy times because we have the hope and the assurance that things will work out according to the plan of God.  I am so grateful to have this hope in my life, especially since, 1. I'm not perfect.  I strive everyday to become better, but I need that hope to know that I can be freed from mistakes and that God's plan will work out and 2. hope is so essential. 
I hope you all have a wonderful week!  (haha did you see what I did there?)  And I want you all to go out and spread the news of hope to the world!  Christmas is an amazing time to remind everyone about Jesus Christ and that hope we can and will find through him! 

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