Sunday, December 7, 2014

November 18th

So 5 words to describe this week:
Short- it went from a Wednesday p-day to a Tuesday p-day.... super nice! 
Long- We spent a lot of time knocking doors because we're trying to understand our ward list and everyone who is still living in their house, who is not living in their house and who is active.  And we had another set of exchanges.  Super fun exchanges though because I was with HNA ESPINOZA again!  We had a great time, and it was my first time leading out in the area which was crazy.  And basically everything cancelled, but we still had a blast together.  (and it was a good thing she was with me, because I might have gone a little crazy....)

Exhausting- This word shouldn't surprise anyone.  I think it's just being a missionary, and being with the spirit and teaching with the Spirit.  And exchanges make me crazy tired.
CRAZY-  (spelled in all capital letters too)  Some super weird experiences.  Where do I start.....?  We were teaching a family about family prayer, and invited them to start right away.  So the mom invited her boys and told us that one of them likes to pray (he's like 8) so we invited him to pray and he said no.  And when his mom asked why, saying that he was a child of God and should pray, a brother of Jesus... he responded saying "No diga esto... soy hijo del Diablo!!!!" (don't say that, I'm the son of the devil).  So we sat there awkwardly, and then I suggest that maybe family prayer could just start with one child and then add the other 3 eventually.... and as we prayed the "hijo del Diablo" sat there with his tennis racquet... Hna Callaway thought he was going to hit us in the head, but he didn't (thank goodness!)
Crazy experience #2:  We were supposed to teach an investigator the word of wisdom.  She hasn't really been taking us seriously (nor the gospel) and we thought it was because we were the same age as her children.  So we thought that if we gave a big commitment and talked about obedience to God, that might change.  Well, as we started talking about obedience to God, our investigator started bashing on her children (who are recent converts... and all over the age of 20) and then what made things worse, the member we invited sided with her..... It was a loud CRAZY mess.... and really awkward too.  Maybe that should have been a word of the week.... yeah.... might have to stop visiting that investigator for a little bit....
Piojos-  We found out about the piojos last Sunday, but basically they've dominated the week.  And as such, have became a word of the week.  It's always a great experience to learn new words in Spanish.  Our investigators came to church last week with piojos... and we found out during Sacrament meeting.  And then we kept visiting them all week, but there is like no peace of mind when we go in.  But basically, we're not allowed to bring any members with us (bishop said so) until the piojos go away.  And they were not allowed to come to church (again, bishop's request), so that's the second time on my mission I have had to tell someone they are not allowed to come to church.  How wrong is that?!?  But we're hoping that they'll let us come back (after not being allowed at church) and that we can keep teaching so that they all make their baptism date.  What are piojos you ask?  Lice...... don't worry, both of us are using lice preventative shampoo, and praying like crazy that we (and the Primary) won't get it.  And we haven't yet. 
The rest of the week was filled with service, lessons, finding less actives, trying to find new investigators, working with the different sister companionships, eating lots of food, stressing about the piojos, freezing, wondering to do after 8:30 when our appointments cancel, tactfully getting out of bashy lessons, etc.  You know, the norm...
One thing that I really ponder this week is the advice that Joseph Smith received.  "All these things shall give thee experience."  Every thing we go through is for our good, our learning and our experience.  So we always have the choice to take it positively (or at least try too...) and to learn from everything.  With every crazy thing that happened this week, that's what Hna Callaway and I focused on, learning through experience to have a better future.  Everything we go through is preparing us for our future in some way or another.  I guess that's the benefit of having God be our loving Heavenly Father.  He knows what we need to go through to be better.  To become our better selves and to become better disciples of Jesus Christ.  Really, everything helps us become.  I love the word become because it is an action word, but it's something we can continually do.  WE can always work on becoming more like Christ and our everyday experiences help us with that.

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