Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 10th 2015

Last week was a mix of a rollercoaster. 
It all started Tuesday.  At 6:00pm we were waiting outside the church building for our investigator to show up for his baptismal interview.  Then we checked our phone and realized at 5 we had gotten a call from the ward mission leader, cancelling the interview and the baptism for Saturday.  They were too busy, hadn't had enough time to prepare and it wasn't going to work that week.  So in a span of 5 minutes, it felt like everything came crashing down.
I cried.  And then I cried some more.  And then when it came down to it, I got back to work.  We had things to do.  Correlation (check), lesson (cancelled), backup lesson (she was home and fed us dessert).
And then the rest of the week went like this:  contacting referrals, street contacting, having people not be home, visiting a lot of less actives.  But we saw miracles.
-M- he's been progressing and he went to church!  YAY!  What he has that makes it such a pleasure to teach him is real intent and really wanting to find the answers.  And he's seeking.
-The Ma family- they were a referral from the English elders.  They had knocked into the family and we ended up teaching them (because the mom prefers Spanish).  When we went to have the pass off lesson with the elders, the 13 year old daughter ended up not being there, but we found out that the mom was actually a less active member who had been baptized in Casas Grandes.  Well, the daughter is so prepared for the Gospel and progressing so well (we've only taught her twice though).  When we met her the first time we asked her why she wanted to meet with the missionaries and she told us "Soy Catolica.  Pero querio ser Mormona"  (I'm Catholic.  But I want to be Mormon).  And when we assigned her a chapter to read, she asked if she had to stop reading when she finished the chapter.  They came to church Sunday and we met with them again yesterday and the daughter told us that after going to church she now wants to be baptized.  And now she's set for the 28th of February.
-Mar is coming back to church.  And apparently she still thinks she's getting baptized.  But we've heard that news 2nd hand so we're still trying to figure out where she stands on the whole issue (especially since a month ago she told us she was never going to church and we haven't taught her since).
And then my birthday was on Saturday, and Hna Torres' on Friday and we had a great time!  N and J made dinner for us Saturday and we ate green enchiladas, cheese cake, had a piñata and then we taught about home and visiting teaching and "role played" teaching the lessons.  They role playing part didn't really happen because N's brother was making up extreme situations in which they might end up.  But it ended up being good.
On Sunday a lot of investigators and less actives came to church.  It was a good day.  And then yesterday we had interviews with President.  He's a good man and his wife is wonderful too.  I'm so blessed to have them here helping me.
One thing that has helped me recently is the "Living Christ" the testimony of the Apostles.  In the October conference of 2014 Sister Marriott shared her experience with the living Christ and her goal to memorize it.  And I've seen the example in my life of Mary memorizing it as well, and so last October I made the goal to memorize the Living Christ.  And then I procrastinated.   And so with the new year of 2015 I tried again, and this time it's working.  So I'm trying to memorize the living Christ in Spanish and it's helping me find myself in him.  This week we had ups and downs, but as I reflect on the words I'm memorizing, the ups and downs take a different meaning.  It helps me realize that I'm not doing this one my own, because Christ already has.  Step by step, day by day, things happen.  And He's the only know who understands and knows exactly what I'm going through.  What a blessing that is. 
I love you all, and I hope you have an amazing week.  Take time to ponder the Living Christ and how you can effectively make it part of your live! 

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