Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 17th 2015

Wednesday we had a great lesson with an investigator who we haven't seen in a while.  Actually, I've never seen or taught him, but Sister Callaway and Sister Pipken had before I arrived in this area.  Well, this hermano is the husband of a member and had been going through lots of chemo treatments and so when the sisters first started teaching him he was interested, but not really.  Then about a month ago, when we had stake conference, Elder Jensen from the 6th quorum of the Seventy came and visited that family.  And last week we finally got to teach him again, and he's hungry.  He wants to know so badly the things of the Gospel.  The desire is also starting to be his own, and not one that his wife suggested, which is awesome!  It was just a miracle to see how he was so enthusiastic about reading and doing his own part. 
We also had exchanges on Thursday! and I went to the other area, which was the UTEP or university ward.  It's only the second time that I've ever gone on an exchange in English and it was really cool.  We didn't get to teach much (because all the lessons feel through), but it was just really cool being in the institute and working with my own age group.  And Hna Torres did great leading out in our own area, no worries there :)
The rest of the week went well too.  Saturday we had contacting splits with the sister training leaders and then we walked to our appointment.  Well, as we were walking our member (who was also our dinner, cancelled) but told us that she still wanted us to come to dinner.  The only problem was that we were carless, and were 50cents short of bus fare for both of us.  But we taught, and then called our member and she picked us up, took us to dinner and then dropped us off at our apartment so we could drive to our next appointment. Which was frustrating because our investigator wasn't there because she had gone to get food to feed us.  So we waited, and taught her kids and then ate quickly and taught her.
Sunday was a great day.  First of all 3 investigators came to Sacrament meeting.  M was one of them, and after the first hour of church we talked to him about the different classes he could go do, and then the hermano who sat next to him said he could take him to class and off walked M.  Really excited and saying bye to us.  It felt like your child walking off on the first day of school without you.  (not that I know how that feels, but I can imagine it....).  But that is why fellowship is so important!!!!!!!!!  Because then the missionaries don't have to worry about their investigators getting lost in the super confusing buildings that we have.
Last night we got to have family night with one of our less actives and it was awesome!  I've missed having family nights.  Basically yesterday was the restoration day, because we taught it in the family night, we had our 9 year old investigator teach the restoration to us, and then we watched the 20 minute restoration with Ma and talked about her own baptism. 
Teaching the restoration helps me remember the blessings from it.  It's something that I feel like we take for granted.  Temples, the priesthood, missionaries, baptisms, church, prophets, etc are all because of the Restoration.  What a blessing we have to know and to understand this.  And shouldn't we be so excited to go out and share it?

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