Thursday, February 19, 2015

January 6th 2015

Last week my black out year came to a end.... One whole complete year of being a missionary.... how did it go by so quickly?  And, I've spent the whole year in El Paso.... I don't know if I'll ever be able to go anywhere without that 915 area code, haha. 
As with every week, this past week had it's ups and downs.  But I think there were more ups than downs :)  Remember that Sister I told you about last week?  The less active member?  Well, she came to church this week!!!!  And loved it!  And then went to the single adult activity.  And loved it.  And then went to a "healing through Christ" class that one of our members teaches (I think she loved that too... :)).  And her daughter came to church, and LOVED it.  And she's on a baptismal date of the 31 of January.  (and I am praying SOOOOOOOO hard, that she progresses to make that date).
But honestly, the rest of our week we continued to spend trying to find less active members. And knocking doors.  I've been in the mission for this long, and I've just started knocking doors.  And nothing really came out of it, unfortunately (that's why member referrals are the best!!! People are more willing to listen, hint hint ;) ).
I love it so much because it talks about the Book of Mormon and the importance, but also why it makes since to have the Book of Mormon.  This week we were teaching a less active member about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in the beginning she was telling us the answers that most people give us; "we don't need prophets," and "we already have the bible."  But since she already believed in the bible, we taught to her understanding, with a pattern from the bible.  To me, the Bible is evidence that God continually talks to prophets to guide us in our own era.  Moses taught his people they things they needed to know, in a way that they would understand. Isaiah did the same thing.  Then Christ came and organized his church on the earth.  But, he was killed and so could no longer guide it in earthly form.  So he called Peter, James and John as the first presidency.  And that's why we have the new testament and all the epistles from the apostles- correction of misunderstandings of doctrine of the early members of the church, but also teaching to that era and understanding.  So according to this pattern established in the very beginning of time, it only makes since to have prophets called again in this day and age.  At least it makes since to me?  Why would God change his ways?  And as we taught it, it made since to our less active too. 
I love this gospel.  I love the fact that we have a living prophet today to lead and guide us.  It makes me sad to meet people that won't even listen to a little bit of our message (like a 2 minute chunk) just because of other things they've heard or just because they don't want to.  I think we can always learn from one another. But I love knowing that no matter what others do, I can still always be happy because of the choices I've made in my life.  :)   Lasting happiness like that, doesn't just come.  But I'm glad I've been able to find it.

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